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X-Cart 5.0.11 Gets a First 3rd Party Template From Perception System


It’s been a month since the release of X-Cart 5 was announced, and once again we have already rolling out an update with some major improvements. There are many improvements that you can get in X-Cart 5’s update like two new payment gateways, enhanced customer experience on check-out, gift certificates, up-selling tools, abandoned cart reminder, product reviews and many more.

One of the great news for all the users of X-Cart 5 is that they can use a first 3rd party template ‘Fresh Green’ that developed by Perception System. Now, users of X-Cart 5 can easily use this template that is perfect for all types of e-stores irrespective of type and size. When it comes to Fresh Green theme, it uses the power of X-Cart 5 simplicity to make your X-Cart store more powerful and advance than before.

‘Fresh Green Template

The all new X-Cart 5.0.11 comes with some exclusive and high-end features that make you stunned and compel to use this platform. Let’s have on some major improvements

Modification in Admin Area

A new “pos” field has been added on the category page that describes the position of the product within this category. As a result, the admin can easily change the order of products in category and lift the products that he wanted to promote.

When it comes to 5.0.11, admin is allowed to force the customers to change the password when he logins for next-time.

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Enhanced Customer Experience

For all those customers, who are not logged in yet, the company come-up with a new step before check-out. It shows 2 clear options – to check-out as new customer or to sign in. Before, it was not easily possible for users to find sign in link if the customer already reached the check-out page, but has not logged in.

The other major improvement is the way how customers’ returns to the site are handled. Choose some web-based payment method if the customer is proceeding to check-out. Moreover, the product sorting interface has been modified and the drop-down selector has been replaced with links.

Some Wonderful Commercial Modules:

Abandoned Cart Reminder is one of the best modules as it really works wonderfully. Users can try this new module and share their experience with the company.

Pricegrabber, Google shopping, Nextag, eBay e-Commerce Network, Shopzilla and more with the product feeds module – these shopping sites can sell your products to lots of customers.

The best thing about this module is it is extremely powerful to handle as many as products you wanted to add. When it comes to Banner System extension, it adds jQuery-based banner system to your X-Cart 5 based store.

New Payment Methods

In X-Cart 5.0.11 update, the company has added 3 more options for you and your customers. Firstly, its stripe that shows a cleat payment from right on Check-out page of X-Cart.

If the stripe is getting more and more internal popularity, it is essential to expand the list of countries where it is obtainable as other payment solution is majorly for the customers from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The third extension is “Gifts Certificates” that needs additional introducing – your customers can buy a gift card for anyone and at last he can purchase your products, paying with this certificate.

Some Free Modules


Add-to-cart is an excellent module that displays a pop-up showing what has been added to the shopping cart and providing a list of “You may also like” product recommendations when a customer clicks the “Buy now”/ “Add to cart” button or when he adds the item to cart drag ‘n’ dropping it. Using pop-up, customers are allowed to add a recommended product to the shopping cart, they can proceed to check-out and continue their shopping.

Related Products

Related Products is also a great extension that enables up-selling/cross-selling in your X-Cart 5 based store. Through this extension, you are allowed to generate some links between products so that whenever any customer view the details page of any certain product, he/she will be offered to check other items.

Product Reviews

One can easily install this module in order to provide their customers an ability to review and rate the products. One can also increase his/her reputation, sales and give them a suitable tool to see what other customers are thinking about their products. With this, one can also control who can write reviews – all users, registered customers or those people, who bought this product only.

A Bonus for Users There is one bonus template for all the X-Cart 5 users as this is most powerful X-Cart template that launched by Perception System.

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The best thing about this template is that it is first 3rd party template that stuffed with numerous features to give your store a fresh look. To download this free and rich X-Cart template, you can click here.

Moreover, Perception System is also going to introduce some modules for X-cart 5 and later updates so that users can get many new features to their X-Cart website.

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