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How X-Cart Next V.1.2.4 Helps Your Ecommerce Business in 2016?


The first cloud-hosted platform of company, introduced as NEXT that comes up with the functionality to a software-as-a-service platform. X-cart next comes with commendable basic features like real-time shipping rate calculation, social media integration, multiple product type options, social login, SEO-friendly URLs, Meta tags, automatic tax calculation, promotional tools and many more.

Recently, the latest version of X-cart next v.1.2.4 is introduced, which is flexible and feature-rich. It is easy to upgrade and customizable according to business needs. All thanks to Vyacheslav Petrov team that has been working hard to release the latest version of X-cart next.

This latest version has numerous changes in the official change-log that upgrades in the cloud solution automatically. If we are noticing at X-Cart Next store admins, we find ‘Updates are available buttons’. Check out screen shot below

Updates are available buttons

It simply means that you will find the new features and improvements sooner or later once the store is upgraded in just one click. It would be a paid subscription of free trial.

What Color Schemes module is?

Available for all X-Cart Next users, this free module comes with three new color schemes to the base X-Cart Next design theme. So, now onwards, you can have able to choose from four options like

  • Noblesse
  • Default
  • Fashion
  • Digital

For more understanding, see below given screen shot

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What New Real-Time Shipping Integration modules Are?

UPS, Canada Post and FedEx integrate X-Cart Next. Apart from, Australia Post module is also supportable with new API. So, now you can able to deliver shipping service of popular carriers to your customers without any difficulty.

For delivering trouble-free shipping service, you just have to make account and configure the corresponding module and thus, you will get exact rates automatically.

Possibility of shopping will be higher with more shipping alternatives. Keep in mind if your customer finds more option, you will get better chance that your visitor will not dump the cart, but complete order. I personally believe that free shipping is a stronger motivation than any other things.

Improvements In Fulfillment Process

Here are given list of various improvements done in this latest version:
New order statuses is available for admin, who want to set ‘Refunded’ and ‘Partially Refunded’ option once payment processor send a call.

In previous version, we have seen decrease stock level when anyone places order, not when it paid.One can also get details of stock level in ‘History’ tab that is available on order details page in admin area that seen after order has been placed.

Now, admin doesn’t find any gaps in order numbers. The last logic of this process was revised as IDs will increment by one.

X-cart Next Fulfillment Process

Future of X-cart NEXT

We have seen the fast moving of X-Cart Next team that keeps ball rolling. We know X-Cart Next is one of the finest products; however it might doesn’t have those features that merchants are looking for. X-Cart Next team is trying to add all those features that ease of maintenance and upgrades and preserve the elegant architecture, which might be strongest side of X-Cart Next.

Having list of uncountable features in this latest version, it also effects to X-cart next Development task. However, to improve your eCommerce business in future, it surely going to add some remarkable features like gift certificates, mobile skin, product variants, export/import and many more.

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We love to share more details on X-Cart Next and its upcoming version. Soon, we come with discussion on next version. If you have any doubt or queries about X-Cart Next, we would love to answer you through comment section. Contact US anytime.

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