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12 Things Beginners Should Learn from a Knowledgeable Software Developer

Software Developer

What makes a developer a great? Some might think his positive attitude while some think of his experience. Certainly, everyone has different thinking about developers and they have worked with those whom they thought were excellent.

However, many a time their judgement is not created on the basis of coding quality and hitting of deadlines. It simply based on less relevant criteria such as whether or not the developer knew the names of their colleagues, how confident they sounded when talking about their work or how many lines of code they productivity.

Regrettably, their best developers don’t deliver a positive result. Here, we come with some traits that one must look after spotting a great developer.

1. Challenging Tester to Find Bugs in His/her Code

Have you noted how many developers possess such kind of attitude? Almost 90% of developers think that tester’s job is to search out bugs. But, it doesn’t mean he/she can take bugs for granted.

A great custom software developer should always challenge the tester to search out bugs from his/her code. He must have confidence that his code doesn’t contain any bug.

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2. Never Stop Knowing Latest Things

Software development is an active environment as the latest techniques and methodologies emerge in the new dawn at very rapid speed. It is totally not required to keep your eye on every new initiative, but making yourself aware of some techniques are must to make yourself up to date.

Researching a lot may lead you to wrap up that some methodology is not worthy learning in brief. However, the key point is you have created an informed decision.

3. Bug Is A Question of his/her Ability

A software developer’s activities include fixing bugs. Obviously, a bug is one of the worst enemies of developer. But, how many developers are thinking about the following points while fixing bugs.

  • How did I tolerate this bug to run away my eyes?
  • What I could have done to avoid this bug in the first place?
  • How do I avoid the same mistake next time?

That’s true, some developers are thinking on such issues.
Those developers, who want to become a great developer, should consider a bug as a danger to his position, his creditability and of course, his programming skills. Having this attitude will surely make him/her a great developer.

4. Code Quality- No Compromise

Developer should have to give prime importance to coding quality that includes making the code more maintainable using proper design, the right coding standards, code refactoring and so on. But, how many of us are not considering code quality for reasons that known to us?

5. Don’t Be Overconfidence

Those developers, who want to become a great developer, should have confidence in his ability. However, he shouldn’t be so arrogant towards his colleagues.

No matter how knowledgeable he is, he should always remember his part in a team that is working to attain the project’s goals.

What Software Professionals Can Study From Sachin Tendulkar’s Career?

Want to become great in your software development field? Like many, I also inspired by the legendary, Sachin Tendulkar so, I come with some of its inspirational points that everyone should learn to boost their confidence and ability in the respective field.

No doubt, this post is dedicated to software developers, but these tricks can be applied for everyone in every field. Let’s see what they are.

6. Passion

Betting Sachin Tendulkar is impossible as this guy has a passion for cricket. He play entire day without getting tired and enjoyed his game a lot. No matter, it’s final or net practice.

Similarly, developers should passionate about developing software of highlight. Having passion of work will reach man at the peak of his career.

7. Dedication and Hardwork

Due to his talent, Sachin Tendulkar has won a lot of hearts at a very young age. He played outstanding throughout his career due to dedication and hard work towards his work.

Just like him, you also work hard and show 100% dedication in your development task to deliver the outstanding project to your clients.

8. Natural Talent

There is no doubt that Sachin Tendulkar is a natural player and shows his natural talent excellently. Like him, software developers also have to show his natural talent to demonstration towards their career goals.

9. Learning

Sachin also made many mistakes, but he also learns from mistakes and make them correct. He is a guy, who never afraid of learning cricket game. Similarly, the software developer should learn new and innovative things to make their career bright. Learning also keeps them relevant in the market.

10. Understanding

Sachin has a deep understanding of the game. He is not brilliant in batting, but also has ability to read bowler’s mind and ball’s situation and many other things.

Like Sachin has an idea about various things related to cricket, developers should also possess knowledge of every software development task.

11. Dedication for the team

Sachin Tendulkar is a guy, who is always dedicated to the team’s cause. Similarly, as the best software developer, you should dedicate towards your team and its cause.

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12. Mentoring

Sachin always gives tips to junior batsmen. He gives an idea about how to play a game and learn techniques that work for them. Almost every cricketer has learned anything from him by watching him. Likewise, senior developers should teach their juniors new techniques and pass their knowledge and skill to them.

These are some excellent qualities of Sachin Tendulkar that makes him a hero of Indian society. He becomes the inspiration of many youngsters and elder people due to its talent. If you want to be great like Sachin, then follow above given tips. If I have missed anything in this article, then let us know through the comment section.

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