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4 Ways The Health Industry Is Using Tiny Technology

With the power of these tiny medical devices, doctors will soon be making revolutionary breakthroughs that will eliminate diseases and possibly even stop the aging process. Here is a look at four ways that health industry (medicine) is already making use of tiny technology to treat patients.

1. Nanomedicine

One of the biggest problems with chemotherapy is that it kills healthy cells right along with the cancer cells. That is why people get so sick and lose their hair when they are undergoing chemo. The treatment is literally positioning them.

Doctors are already experimenting with nanotechnology in clinical trials that delivers the chemotherapy directly to the site of the tumor without impacting healthy cells. This has the promise of vastly improving the lives of cancer patients.

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2. 3D Printing

3D printers are basically like tiny factories. They can be set up to create nearly anything that can be designed. These amazing devices are already small enough to sit on a desktop.

They have the potential to allow medical practitioners to create medical devices anywhere in the world for a bare minimum of expense.

3. Nanowires

One of the most annoying things in many people’s lives is the hassle of having to go to the doctor when they feel perfectly healthy for their annual checkups. Nanowires are tiny devices that are implanted into a patient’s body to monitor their vital signs.

In the future, these devices will be able to give doctors all the information they need to monitor their patients’ health remotely, allowing them to skip that trip to the office for the annual checkup.

4. Clean Medical Supplies

One way that nanotechnology is already making a significant impact in the medical field is with infectious disease control. Tiny silicon particles are used to coat lab coats, scrubs and other clothing that health care workers wear. The particles repel roughly 99.9 percent of microorganisms, which helps to keep infections from spreading.

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These are some of the most promising ways that medicine is starting to use the power of tiny technologies. As they develop these technologies further, society can look forward to a future in which nanotechnology is a driving force in the medicine. This technology may just pave the way to a future in which the majority of diseases are things of the past.

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