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Should you Undertake for Full Stack Development – Detailed Guidelines


If you know a little bit about coding and web design, then you will know that there are different types of coders and programmers who work in different areas of development. In order to create a full site from start to finish, a varied set of skills – and therefore a varied number of people – are required to achieve the project’s goals.

However, in recent years a new type of developer has emerged. These new developers are skilled in all areas of programming and design, from concept through to finished product, both back and front end. These multi-talented designers are called full stack developers.

There is no exact definition of the skill set a full stacker would require, but it is usually assumed to mean they have specialised knowledge in all stages of the software development process. This would mean that a full stacker would be able to work well with servers, networks and hosting environments as well as understanding the business needs of the consumer and client.

So, just what are the advantages you can expect if you hire a full stack developer?

The Pros of Full Stack Development

Easy switching

An expert full stack developer can switch easily between the front and back ends of a project, depending on the relative needs at the time. This means that any problems can be solved by just one person. You will no longer be told that the problem is ‘not my department’, which means you can get solutions faster than ever before.


Because full stack developers have been involved at every stage of the process, they tend to have the experience to problem solve and plan. This can often add an extra layer of cohesion to a project that you would only get with a very close knit and small team.

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Whole design structure

One of the biggest advantages is that you get to work with people who can imagine and plan the entire scope of any project. They see the bigger picture and can operate on any level when needed.

Easy upgrades

Technology is always advancing and new upgrades are available all the time. The benefit of working with a full stack developer is that they understand how these advances can best be utilized across the project.

Ideal for small-scale developers

Full stack web application development is perfectly suited to small business as you work with someone who understands both the technical and business sides of any project. It also helps to keep budgets and development times down to a minimum. Because you don’t have to work separately with front and back-end development teams, you can work more efficiently, which also means you can make…

Cost savings

As a small business, hiring a full stack developer means you get access to all the skills you need in the same place, which helps to keep costs down.

Full ownership

Full stack developers take full ownership of the entire project, so you will always be dealing with the same people and won’t get bounced around to people who don’t really understand your goals.

So, as you can see, there are plenty of benefits when you hire dedicated full stack developers. But there are a few drawbacks to going full stack, as you can see below.

Drawbacks of Full Stack Development

Your project might not be suitable

Not all projects are suitable for full stack development. In reality, the bigger the project, the less suitable it is for just one person to manage. There is a sweet spot for full stack projects, usually for small businesses who can benefit from one contact who really understands the goals and aims.

Compromises might be required

Although full stack developers will have a good grounding in all aspects required for your site, they may not have quite the level of expertise as some of the more specialised professionals. This is most noticeable when it comes to user experience, or UXP, so you may be required to enlist the help of an expert at this stage.

Software is increasingly complex

As software develops in terms of scope and scale, it is becoming more complex. That means it is getting harder and harder for full stack developers to master all areas required for complete development. In the past, a full stacker might have been proficient in a number of key areas, including HTML5/CSS3, PHP/Python/Ruby, MySQL and Amazon web services. But as the software gets more complicated, it gets harder to stay on top of the developments.

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Key person risk

As we have outlined above, there are many benefits of working with just one person or contact who really understands the project. But what if that person is ill, signed off sick or, worse still, leaves their position. Suddenly you are left with no one who understands your project and has to start from scratch. This is why working with a team can be better.

If you would like to know more about the pros and cons of full stack development, then get in touch with our team here at Perception System. We can help you to work out which route to go down and what kind of development will be best for your site. That way you can make an informed choice about which direction you want to take.