Google Web Designer HTML5 Tool Updated by Google


An update Google Web Designer HTML5 Tool is announced by Google, this week. After this update, developers can easily develop more interactive and animated content and can also bring tighter integration with AdWords.

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This Google Web Designer tool is used by media agencies, creative agencies and advertisers to design attractive banners and other animations. It has HTML5 technology which is excellent alternative to flash technology. The great con of Flash is it can’t display on particular devices like Apple or iOS devices.

From the name, “Google Web Designer” one can might assume that it is a simple template-based tool for building a website, but actually it is not. It is designed tools that used to create animated display and banner ads. Even, Website development in HTML5 is also possible with amazing animation.

Originally, this application was launched in September 2013 and it is marked as one of the largest update since the release. Users can download this software for free. With this application, designers can see and tweak the code behind the design tools and can experience amazing designing experience.

According to the Google, this update make easier to use video, animation and other interactive content in mobile AdWords campaigns. Until now, it has not been easy to display animated content created with HTML5 for AdWords on all screens, but this update addresses that.

Sean Kranzberg, Engineering Manager, and Tony Mowatt, Lead Product Manager at Google explained on Google’s official DoubleClick Advertiser Blog

“Through its integration with Google Web Designer, AdWords now supports HTML5 ad creatives. In addition, Flash ads that are uploaded to Adwords will automatically be converted into HTML5 ads and can be uploaded via AdWords Editor and other 3rd party tools coming soon. Over the next few months, we’ll also be releasing tools and services that will resize ads to some of the most popular mobile sizes, without requiring any additional work ….”>

As per the Google survey, advertisements created by Google Web Designer HTML5 tool have generated 2.5 billion impressions in one year. Along with impressions on ads created with HTML5 also increase, reported by Google.

This update brings many things like developers can add interactive content like maps, image galleries, iFrame, tap areas, and YouTube videos. Events feature is also available for developing content that will react to touch, shaking, rotating, or tilting, on a mobile smart device.

Moreover, it also allows divide web page designs that allow your visitors to choose what part of content they want to see next. With this update, designers get more control over the animation creation, according to Google officials.

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Particularly, with this update, an option is given for stringing together scenes in a Quick Mode or one can use layers to animate by using a timeline in an Advanced Mode. Google Web Designer also allows developers to manipulate 3D images and rotate objects and 2D designs along any access.

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