9 Outstanding Frameworks for Typography-based HTML5 Website


It’s time to introduce typography, as it becomes one of the crucial factors for every small-medium-large web design projects.
We find easy availability of fabulous web fonts attributes to the growing significance of typography in the web application/site.
Now, we are free to choose excellent HTML5 frameworks from the collection that achieve a responsive design along with help to develop laudable typographic patterns with ease.
In this post, we have listed 9 best HTML5 frameworks that help you to create typography-based HTML5 sites. So, check out below list.


Foundation is another excellent front-end HTML5 framework that designed for website and application to add specific typography style.
Foundation has rapid-prototyping abilities and available with a forum that enables you to interact with other designers and developers.


UIKit is a lightweight front-end HTML5 framework that used for developing high-end web interfaces.
This framework is easy-to-use and customizable that backed by a rich collection of CSS, HTML and JS components.
Uikit is one of the best alternatives for writing fully extendable and well-structured code as it is developed in LESS.


Want to build an interactive HTML5 content? CreateJS is a recommended open source JavaScript tools and libraries for developing fabulous HTML5 content.
CreateJS enables you to implement excellent animation effects with its different modular JavaScript libraries. It also supports HTML5 audio on your website.


Baseline is the HTML5 framework that used for developing website with grid and excellent typography.
Baseline has evolved into a full-featured typographic framework, which is fully compatible with all modern browsers like Internet Explorer 8, Safari 3, Opera 9, etc.

HTML KickStart

HTML KickStart is an excellent framework for rapid website production. Having this framework, you will get high-end UI elements along with a robust layout that provides a complete web development solution for your project.
One can easily use ultra-lean HTML5, CSS and JS Building Blocks to build website according to the requirements. HTML KickStart has been fully compatible with multiple browsers such as Chrome, IE8+, Safari, Opera, and Firefox.


Want to design high-quality HTML5 websites and mobile applications? Skeleton is the best option to create websites that look stunning on devices with different screen resolutions.
Skeleton is a quick-to-start framework available with compiling or installation needed.

Web Starter Kit

Web Starter Kit
Web Starter Kit is a framework that used for building multi-device web experiences.
This framework comes with remarkable features such as: PageSpeed Insights Reporting, Sass support, Living component style guide, HTTP Server, cross-device synchronization, and so on.


SproutCore enables to develop create HTML5 applications within minimum time. SproutCore follows MVC architecture pattern and deliver an excellent flexibility of crafting native-like user experience.
One of the best things about this framework is it leverages the contemporary web technologies and specifications in the best manners.

Montage HTML5 Framework

Montage is an impressive open source HTML5 Framework that enables to develop modern websites and application with ease.
It is integrated with ‘Blueprints’ feature that enable to bind metadata onto your web app objects. MontageJS is excellent framework to develop single page applications.
These are some of the best framework used for developing typography-based HTML5 Website.
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Publish on Sep 30 2015