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5 Excellent Cross Platform App Development Tools 2016


Do you know the actual advantage of a cross-platform application for your business? No…let me tell you…it requires less time and budget. There are business person building many application to reach across platforms.

However, if you want to target audience with single application then you have cross-platform development tools. No doubt, your project will come with same core that utilized for chosen platforms and adjustments created for each of them that surely take lesser time then it creates apps independently.

Now, you must want to know the most popular tools of cross-platform development? Below are the five.

RhoMobile- Open-source framework

An open-source framework, RhoMobile is created by Motorola Solutions for developing cross-platform solutions. This framework is excellent at creating enterprise solutions that doesn’t depend in types of devices, operating systems, and screen sizes. RhoConnect, RhoStudio, and RhoElements are included in the RhoMobile Suite and it has ability to support all the four major platforms.

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AppMobi- Platform-as-a-service solution

appMobi is another platform-as-a-service solution that supports iOS and Android by using XDK and developers’ skills of JavaScript/HTML5. Push messaging, promotion, in-app purchasing, integrated analytics and other options are provided by appMobi for any software environment.

jQuery Mobile- Web Framework

jQuery Mobile is one of the remarkable web framework, used for developing UI of apps that support all the main mobile platforms and desktop browsers. This framework includes remarkable opportunities of numerous standard user interface elements, custom theming, a lightweight code base, touch-optimized and platform-agnostic UI widgets and so on. Being an easy to wield, it has a minimal learning curve for software developers.

Xamarin- Cross-Platform Apps Tool

Xamarin is another great option that uses one library of business logic within an app. The UI requires to be optimized for each platform for native feel and look. One of the best things is this framework allows to use C# for building apps for leading mobile platforms like iOS, Android and desktop Mac OS and Windows. Visual Studio integration, third-party native libraries and frameworks, fully-featured IDE for software implementation, use of .NET libraries, etc. are its main features.

MoSync- Open-Source Software Development Kit

MoSync is another open-source software development kit for developing a cross-platform application. This helps to access native UI system part and develops mobile apps through JavaScript, HTML, CSS, as well as C/C++ programming languages. One of the best things about this development kit is it support wide range of platforms like Android, Windows Phone, Windows Mobile, iOS, Symbian and for desktop operating systems, Windows (XP and up, Mac OS X).

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Apart from these five, there are many other Cross-platform App Development tools and frameworks that help to develop a cross-platform application. Would you like to create cross-platform apps for your business? Contact us with detailed requirements.

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