9 Unusual Portal Development Mistakes that Usually Made While Creating Portal


Beware of making mistakes while developing website as it creates trouble for your business. There are many of web portal suffered from mistakes that impact efficiency of your business. I have compiled list of top unusual mistakes that usually made while creating web portal and also give advice on how to avoid them to bring more business.

Problem in Accessibility

Accessibility means users can easily access your website, no matter what web browser you are using. It is also referred to the vast array of operating systems, equipment and browsers that used for surfing the website.

Having experienced web designers for your project helps you to take advantage of the formatting and presentation capabilities of latest browsers. Moreover, they are creating design that should be compatibility on different sized screens.

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Out of Topic FAQ

There is some website that consists of the irrelevance questions that cannot be asked by the visitors ever. Some sites also don’t have FAQ pages and instead they have updated content for updated information.
No matter, whether you are updating queries through FAQ page or any other way, you have to provide relevant information that people are seeking of. Providing relevant content enhance website impression.

Invisible Contact Information

People, who can’t find contact information in the website, become non-trustworthy. Whether you have small firm or large enterprise, it is must to provide accurate contact information to grab confidence of your visitors. You contact information should contain address, phone number and email address.

Avoid Surprises

We have seen many websites that organize surprise for its visitors by wasting their home page with “Click here to enter site” link or an uncalled for splash screen. You have already beautiful site, so don’t waste your time in creating surprises.


Many of webmasters like to add audio in their website. No doubt, it seems good. However, it is also advisable to add audio option with click to a “play” icon. Your organization’s image will be enhanced dramatically by having the track professionally recorded for sites that need a voiceover.

Avoid Flash

Flash is one of the best options as it adds excitement and amazing movement to your website. With the help of flash, one can easily enhance capabilities that are not to possible with HTML. On other side, using flash is also harmful to your website as it loads your site a lot. Moreover, it is also advisable to use flash whenever it is possible.

Meaningless Graphics

The user experience is also enhanced through the graphics on your site. Make sure to have balance requirements to ensure that your site is functional and looking beautiful. It is also advisable to optimize site graphics that your site displayed at a respectable speed.

Poor Navigation

Navigation of website plays an important to engage visitors. It is must to have effective and presented site navigation with accepted web navigation conventions. Webmasters have to follow standard techniques and standard locations for navigation elements like menus, links, etc. Moreover, your links should seem like Links only.

There is some webmaster thinking that difficult navigation makes interest in visitor to access. It is not so true. You have to create a clean and well-managed navigation

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Monitoring Your Site

Numerous monitoring tools are available to check content and links of the website. There is no excuse not to monitor, who are visiting to your site and what they do once they arrive through excellent tools available free of charge.

So, above given are list of portal development mistakes that most webmaster are doing while creating website. If you want to know more about portal development service, then click here to Contact Us.

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