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Advance Store Locator – A Highly Interactive Store Locator for E-commerce Sites


Advance Magento Store Locator

Are you running an ecommerce website that based on Magento platform? If yes, you should try to serve your customers with wonderful quality services so that they get an amazing shopping experience. Today, there are numerous ecommerce sites that are adopting different things to make their customers happy and satisfied.
One of the major services that you need to serve your customers is store locator that can help them to search your store in their desired country, state, city and area. Ecommerce retailers would find lots of store locator extensions on the web that can be used by your customers to find out your physical store in their nearby area.
However, not all the obtainable ecommerce store locator extensions are effective, so it is very much important for you to use one such extension that offers maximum number of features to benefit you in many ways.
When it comes to talk about one of the best store locator extensions, Advance Store locator is a highly interactive store locator extension for all those ecommerce retailers, who have their site on Magento platform and wanted to help their customers to find out their physical store.
Now, users of this extension can give their store a great look by integrating a highly modified extension. Using Advance Store Locator, you can get a complete range of features that you can easily deploy in your store to help your customers get to your store without facing nay difficult. It is one such extension that allows your precious customers to find your stores in their desired country, state and city. It also facilitates store search that based on Zip-code.
If you want to pull your precious customers to your website, this extension is what that can help you out and eases the pain. It also eases your customers to find your store among different locations where you stores are located. It is also well-known for supporting the search through Zip-code where your customers can find your store using Zip-code.
Along with it, this extension also provides guidance to your customer to get to your store utilizing Google Map. Your customers will also get estimated time information that taken to reach from their location to your store, so what more you want? It is completely fantastic extension that you should use on your ecommerce site to make your customers’ search easy. Download this extension from here.

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