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How to Choose Best Mobile OS for First Gaming Apps


There are many dedicated mobile gaming devices available in the industries; however, people usually prefer to play games on smartphones and tablets. Smartphones are the first choice of gamers to play games as they can easily carry wherever you go. At same time, tablets also give marvelous experience of playing games with its bigger screen and better graphics.

Mostly developers as well as businesses are getting confused in choosing right platform for developing games. For them, we are going to differentiate some of the leading mobile operating system with their pros and cons so that they can choose the suited one.


Gaming has a direct connection with creativity and thus, Android becomes the first choice of mobile game developers as it allows to use a code again and again and make its substitute as well with its Google’s application framework.

The global market is dominated by Google’s Android mobile OS with about 50% of shares. Looking at developer’s viewpoint, lots of tools is provided by Google’s SDK to developers that help to improve testing part.

Android is improving and getting better with each of its release. Being an open source mobile operating system, it offers code for free and can be easily modified by wireless handset manufacturers for developing custom mobile solutions.

One of the most excellent features of Android is it has excellent capability to customize multiple homescreens with useful widgets and apps that provides faster and easier access to the content and functions. In addition, one can also find multitasking capability that allows closing program by simply swiping.

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The only drawback about Android is its compatibility issues. There are some applications that don’t support with new devices because of relatively non-uniform standards. However, Google works on it by adding latest features to the operating system and on other side, developers are maximizing the power of these new APIs.

Apple iOS

Apple iOS is better known for its multi-tasking & multi-touch operating system that runs on different devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. iOS devices are much easier to recommend for playing games as Apple increased the screen size of iPhone and iPod Touch device to 4-inches.

With its increase in size of Apple’s device, developers are building iOS games for that screen size to grab current audience. Most of the developers are always considering latest device to launch their first game.

Considering according to developer’s view point, Apple is quite restrictive with their developer guidelines. For developing game for iOS, developers only have a fixed set of tools and are not permitted to use outside of those. Eventually, this would control developer’s skill at great extend.

Compare to other platform, Apple’s entry price is more expensive however; one can get lots of flexibility as game performance goes far. This also results into high resale price after their release.

Windows Phone

In late 2010, the latest version of the Windows platform is released by Microsoft for mobiles that has been redesigned and rebuilt from the core to deliver marvelous user experience. Windows Phone is popular for its tile-based interface, Metro, which is attractive interchangeable squares sections displayed on the home section.

Microsoft connects Windows Phones with Xbox brand that increases the demand for Windows Phone games. One of the excellent advantages of choosing Windows Phone has over Android is its stricter hardware requirements.

Windows Phone manufacturers are held by Microsoft for particular minimum hardware requirements. With this, you will ensure to enjoy many applications that work excellently across all Windows Phone devices.

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Wrapping Thought

Selecting one of the best platforms is a difficult decision, if you are developing your first gaming applications. If you are thinking to choose any one platform then it would be advisable to first grab all details and then start development task.

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