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Which are the Most Common & Deadly Web Designing Mistakes to Avoid?


Do you want to your business online?

Have you decided to set-up your own personal website?

If yes, it is the best idea to expand your business worldwide. When it comes to building your own business website, design plays a very significant role in growing your business, but many a time a lot of website owners are neglecting this point.

Taking your business online can get numerous visitors, who will judge your website by its style, design, and layout. Certainly, every single business needs customers, but why would they visit your website and why would they trust you? But you can grab their attention and force them to explore your website, leaving a good impression on their mind.

At the time of designing any website, it is essential to take care of even a minor detail as it can give a huge impact on your business in the near future. You can easily generate a lot of revenues if you make your customers and visitors satisfied with your site.

Still, there are a lot of common mistakes that made by website designers while designing a website, so it is necessary to avoid those mistakes and design a perfect looking website.

Below, we have listed some of the most common and deadly web design mistakes that every designer should avoid, so let’s have a look at it:

Inappropriate Use of Template

There are various novices, who make this mistake while designing a website. For big businesses, we can ignore templates, but when it comes to small and the bootstrapped startups, they are very much important.

However, if you have selected a theme, it is essential you hire a professional designer so that he can easily and properly customize it. In addition to this, you make sure that selected template must be responsive as well as multi-purpose.

All pre-built template based websites come with a very weak visual connection between the logo and the website. It is important that the logo must have all those colors that are not repeated on the website and make sure to have unique fonts.

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Making Use of a Default Bootstrap Look

Another biggest mistake is to making use of a default bootstrap layout for your business as you can’t fool by using Open Sans, and it can be difficult to discriminate between the website using a similar design.

Because it is one such factor, which can affect the trust of your brand. One of the best giveaways, which the website is built with a Bootstrap is Font Awesome.

This one has been stylish because of the exhaustive library of numerous icons, which demand a reliable visual language. One can use it for their advantages as compared to other difficult edges. The major advantages of the applications can be made wonderful with different icon sets, which show the core selling points or the idea.

Make Use of Dark Background

When it comes to talking about the background color of the website, it is the biggest part of the website and must be picked very carefully. If you are considering a rule, it is not a good choice to convert the background of the entire website into black.

There are various designers, who prefer light gray color, and white is somewhat fine. Make sure that you do not make the gray color darker as it can make the content difficult to read. Therefore, always use a dark background for your site.

Unorganized Content Layout

We all know that the website content is what increases traffic to it. The way content structured is what will make it a success or a failure. Users are not reading content unless they found it totally important, but scan through information and take out different points of interest on a web page.

There are many designers, who are just putting a block of text on the web page and fully neglecting headings, bullets, paragraphs, sub-headings and etc. Website owners can make use of a right page title for every single web page so that users exactly know where they are.Generally, the bad part in this category is putting inaccurate and irrelevant content on the website.

It is just that the content should agree with the full theme of the website and be useful. In case, if the website page is under construction, why worrying keeping it up.


These days, fonts are extremely important and play a very essential role. However, you are a non-designer and you may not realize it. They will either make or break the design and are appealing letters.

Various homemade web designs have a least contrast between the title of the website and the body font. By altering the font size of your website, you cannot make a huge difference, to ensure that you use bold font for the banner and provide it main concern than the rest of the text.

Unfriendly Screen Resolution

Many of you all may have visited numerous websites, where you have to scroll horizontally. There is strictly a no-no in this modern web design age. You should avoid any type of horizontal design for your website. However, a professional and good designer can build websites, which suffice on most of the screen sizes. 1024 x 768 pixels is the current optimized layout for websites.

Numerous or Equal Calls to Action

If you have numerous pages on your website, ensure that every single should have 1 call-to-action, otherwise your visitors may get confused and will not click on the call to action button. One can take more compared to usual in order to make the decision. Chances are high that users may leave your website.

Unprofessional Copy

For a lot of people, it is quite easy, but make sure that your point is being conveyed. When you are trying to sell something and your copy requires to be in a good and professional manner to understand. You need to be double sure about everything and then make it live.

Complex Registration Forms

We all know that registration forms are extremely difficult. Do you know how much information do you need from the user? Those were old days when a user had to enter huge detail to register to your website.

There are lots of websites, who made most registration fields mandatory and legalize the fields to the extent where the user is frustrated after some of the tries. You make sure that a user visits a website to get information.

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Strictly No to Background Music

Users are not looking forward to cooling, but they are seeking efficiency. It is true that 99% do not care for the music on your website, but some of the designers make it the extremely worst part of your site by putting different background music on every single web page.

So, these are the 10 most common and deadly mistakes of website design that everyone needs to avoid while designing a website. By avoiding these mistakes, one can end up designing a professional and good-looking website for their customers.

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