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How to Develop Successful iPhone App for Your Dream Business


Today mobiles are in-thing everywhere across the globe. No economy or region has spared from mobile proliferation. However, the mobile diaspora is quite diverse in the sense of OS platforms, device manufacturers (Hardware), device types (Smartphone & Tablet), and most importantly device form factors (Size or Resolution).

Once upon a time, a web presence was an essential need for a progressive and active business in the early digital era. Similarly, today businesses are scrappy to grab a vast audience present on mobile devices.

Unfortunately, mobile-friendly websites alone are not enough to serve a business purpose and please users by giving excellent UX. Therefore, mobile applications emerging as a new trend in the market, and without it, future growth is a nightmare.

Now, for the sake of keeping threads continue, if we take the mobile OS parameter for granted for further discussion, we can say two major rivals are competing fiercely on mobile landscapes. It is an Apple Company with the iOS mobile platform and the Google Group with the Android ecosystem are, as main contenders.

Why Do You Need iPhone App for Your Business?

Now, as a business, you have to make a mobile app platform choice by considering your target audience such as your consumers/customers and your staff which will work on it.

You may pose a question that why the target audience factor decides your mobile app OS platform.

It is a very simple calculation. Do you know what kinds of mobile devices your target audience is using such as smartphones or tablets? Do you know the operating system of those devices?

Practically it is tough to make any prediction on a factual basis when your target audience is dispersed across continents or regions of the world. Do you have a website for your business? Is it mobile friendly?

If yes, you can use Google Analytics or any analytics to run a survey on computing systems/devices used by your current users and check how your mobile user audience is getting bouncing back without native user experiences.

Other relevant parameters are the regions of your target audience and their economic status. It is because most of the American continental areas and European countries are Apple fans, which means iOS users, and the same goes true for higher economic strata people who love the quality, and iOS is a definite choice for them.

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What Is Your App Purpose?

Technically, it is a tricky question, but essential to define as early as possible. It is because app purpose decides app target audience, app architecture, and so on the app development process.

For instance, when you develop an app exclusive to your business needs, you have defined the target audience, and it is your customers as well as your staff working on it.

Similarly, when you think of monetization by going to app marketplaces, your target audience may depend on the app niche/category and other aspects, which you have included in it.

For instance, an education app covers students while an office utility app targets office goers.

Who Are Your App Competitors?

You must know your app competitors so you can make your expectations from the app in the market obvious to your marketing team. If your app is unique and hardly anyone competes with it, success is assured for it.

If your app is competing with tons of another mediocre app, your chances of success are meager. Therefore, analyze your competition and find out where they failed and where they succeed.

It gives you a good chance to learn a few useful things to enhance your performance.

What is Your App Strategy to Stay in the Market?

If your app is not solely for your business means, you must define app monetization strategy early.

Moreover, tell your developers to follow it during the app designing and programming process.

The market has several ways to earn fortunes from an app such as

  • Direct app selling with paid app model
  • In-app purchase model with free/lite version
  • The in-app ads revenue model
  • Freemium model to earn the goodwill of users

How to Find App Development Company for you

It is the most vital question for your app’s success, and you have to follow some significant steps to hit success.

Today businesses or app entrepreneurs look at the web to search for a reputed iPhone app development company. Some are looking at Upwork-like platforms while many smarts are going through a rigorous selection process after checking portfolios, testimonials, and calling some reliable references.

It is true that only a decent portfolio of an iPhone development company is not guaranteed a certificate to rely on, it is a team of iPhone developers that can make a true difference.

Check Skill Sets of Your iOS Designers and Programmers

Now, it is a million-dollar question for a non-tech to check the background of iOS developers through their skills and experiences.

Simply checking degrees, diplomas, or certificates of iPhone developers might not prove true ways to make the right decision.

Therefore, you must know some technical terminologies, technologies, and tools used in iPhone or iOS Application Development process by iOS designers and programmers as well. Let’s try to understand it all in comprehensive ways.

IOS Development Terminology

Unlike web development, mobile app development particularly, iOS development is platform-specific and needs programming technologies, development tools, and integration that only Apple approves.


iOS Development environment needs Mac computers and Apple Xcode IDE (Integrated Development Environment) with iPhone and iPad SDKs.


Cocoa Touch is a proprietary framework for iOS development and allows Objective-C and Swift programming languages as iOS programming technologies. Another high-level framework is the Apple UIKit Framework helps in UI development.

For low-level framework for graphics, developers use Core Graphics, for animation, Core Animation while for data and audio, there are Core Data and Core Audio respectively.

MVC Paradigm

Model, View, and Controller paradigms are at the core of iOS app development just like object-oriented programming.

  • The model represents Data Objects
  • The view represents the User Interface (UI)
  • Controller represents App Behavior

Thus, each screen or UI is a view, and the data model enables its display while the controller manages flows between the view and model. Therefore, it separates the designing process from programming and enables both components to work together on the same project. Hence, it saves lots of time and hurdles in the development process.

IOS Development Skills

Software Architecture Design

If your selected developers or team has a better understanding and prolonged experiences with iOS technologies, they can select appropriate technologies and tools to create front end and backend for your iPhone app.

Business Analysts

Each client has a unique purpose and unique business with bespoken requirements, so you have to deal with a business analyst on iOS Development Company at first glance. BA can evaluate your needs and setup software architecture as well as development process planning.

At this stage, evaluation of app concept, audience research, and project planning are accomplishing.

UI Design

User interface designing involves wireframe creation to document user roadmap and software architecture outline. If your iPhone developers use Storyboards and Interface Builder to create UI, it offers a great foundation.

The prototype process is establishing a style guide and give a simulation of the final version of your app through the mock-up approval process.

iPhone App Programming

iPhone development involves intense programming in Objective-C. However, Swift has reduced coding to a good extent. Technically, iPhone programming is powered by event-driven and object-oriented while designing patterns are numerous to choose for developers.

Thus, the code is robust and futuristic. Programmers are developing frontend and backend simultaneously and can iterate it further in a collaborative environment. It is a vital to practice to iterate design and app logic frequently to yield a quality product.

Today we have Backend as a Service (BaaS) packages to avoid building your backend frequently. To ensure the best quality, assure best practices of coding such as compact, clean, and comprehensive code with futuristic scaling abilities.

Apart from Apple technologies, some cross-platform technologies such as basic web development programming with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript as well as the use of Microsoft technologies like C# in Xamarin framework enable developers to deliver cross-platform apps running on iOS platform too.

Ensure Quality with Best QA Team

Quality comes with excellent user experiences. Intensive debugging through various testing can deliver seamless user experiences and bug-free product. Therefore, your iPhone app developers should be capable of running integrated tests by writing unit tests and functional tests.

UX guerrilla testing and in-depth testing practices enable QA team to accumulate accurate user feedback before deployment of the product so the marketing team can save your app from arriving negative reviews and a bad reputation.

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Assure Post-Development Support

Besides designing, programming, and testing, there are other stages involved in the lifecycle of your app and those are maintenance, support, fixes, upgrades, etc.

From the marketing point of view, these post-development stages or activities are crucial to the success of your app, which delivers you the user engagement, user retention, and user loyalty to cover high ROI and stay long in the market.

In due course, you have to establish a solid support system by allocating a technical and helpdesk team to guide your users as well as collect honest reviews of your app performance in real-world conditions.


Once you are accustomed to iOS terminology, designing and programming skill sets needed in iPhone app development, you can enter the hiring market to secure a highly skilled and experienced team of iPhone developers.

If you are in search of a reliable and reputed iPhone App Development Company with a decent and proven portfolio, consider Perception System as your dependable partner for high-quality iPhone application designing and programming at premium rates, which are hardly available in the outsourcing market of India or elsewhere.

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