All You Know About Lean Portal – Advantages and Importance

Lean Portal

What is Lean Portal?

The concept of the “lean portal” or the portal-less portal is introduced by Gartner in 2009. Lean Portals are one of the best alternatives to the traditional portals that become difficult to maintain and deploy.

Talking about Traditional portals, it comes with numerous features that are not affordable for businesses and thus, many companies are avoiding investing in a portal as the traditional model exceeds their budgets for features that they don’t want in their site.

On other side, a Lean Portal is a light weight and can be easily deployed by anyone. A Lean Portal is created by using modern Web 2.0 technologies like AJAX, representation state transfer (REST), widgets, and WOA/SOA approaches.

Lean Portal maintains the main aim of the portal by providing customized point of access that allows customers to search out relevant information, reach people and read about business processes.

Those businesses, who are adopting a Lean Portal, can get about 80% of the required functionality within months of launching without security comprising and or advanced integration requirements.

Perception System Acts as Lean Portal Solution

We, at Perception System, has successfully implementing their thoughts to provide an accurate solution for employing latest mechanisms for even better inter-operability and offer better customer experiences.

Lean Portal enables to reuse all the current content, systems and applications. Moreover, you can easily create new mashups and composite views that focused on business growth and optimize customer’s experience.

We are providing Lean Portal development service that acts as second skin, ineffectual portal into one that’s modern, and can be easily optimized for multiple channels and devices. Adopting Lean Portal will give advantages like :

Customer Satisfaction :
As one can easily add new functionality according to their business needs, more and more businesses can easily familiarize with this ever changing requirement.
One size doesn’t fit all :
Lean Portal is not like a traditional one that comes with one-size-fits-all approach. It can be easily adopted a fit-for-purpose suites. It is more agile as it doesn’t require ‘finished’ to roll out to market.
Less is More :
One of the best things about Lean Portal is it delivers what actually business is needed.

These are some advantages of adopting Lean Portal for your business. If you want to enjoy such advantages with our Lean portal development service then contact Perception System now with your requirements.

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