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Journey of Open-Source Mobile Phones OS – Beginning to Now


Similar to the Windows operating system or Linux that control desktop or laptop computers, a mobile operating system is one type of software platform that allows running other programs on mobile devices.

With operating system, one can easily decide the features and functions obtainable on your smart device like synchronization with applications, keyboards, thumbwheel, WAP, email, text messaging and so on. In addition, mobile operating system also helps you to decide which third-party applications can be operated successfully on your device.

There are many types of open source mobile phone OS that allows to users to use latest technology to do daily activities. Starting from the Nokia, OpenMoko, Tizen, and so on makes their space in the heart of users and claims there is a need among component makers, manufacturers, and operators for another platform. All of them are open source like Android, but anyone can have an impact, let’s see through this post.

MeeGo OS (Nokia and Intel)

MeeGo OS is a joint open source mobile operating system that created by joining two products on the basis of open source technologies like Moblin (Intel) and Maemo (Nokia). MeeGo mobile operating system works on various devices like tablets, in-vehicle information systems, smartphones, netbooks, along with devices that are using Atom and ARMv7 architectures.

Maemo continues to come up with latest updates, but have few supported devices. In some circles, the N800 and N900 were valued but development was stopped with Maemo 5 on the N900.

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Talking about application, users can have list of application for MeeGo content in the Nokia store, however, developers didn’t able to publish any new content or update existing application after January 1, 2014.


After MeeGo OS, OpenMoko come into existence with unique and fresh ideas that grabbed user’s attention. An effort is to make by the Openmoko Linux operating system to a handheld device with its Openmoko mobile phone project. Its user interface was designed for touch and created with X.Org Server and the GTK+ toolkit.

In 2007, the Openmoko Neo was released as a developer handset by that time, Android was already on the horizon and iPhone had a sizable mindshare. Technically, Openmoko is still available, however, “Golden Delicious” next-generation development boards doesn’t show any interest. However, users can find list of Openmoko application for their device from


Tizen come into existence into the mobile space, to share mobile market that already dominated by ARM-based chips. At that time, Samsung wants to reduce its dependency on Android. Tizen becomes backup option for Samsung; however, it gained credibility after merging with its in-house OS Bada with Tizen.

An application development tools are provided by Tizen on the basis of the JavaScript libraries jQuery and jQuery Mobile. Developers can also find a native application framework after version 2.0 that based on an Open Services Platform from the Bada platform. Moreover, its SDK allows developers to write applications that run on supported devices by using HTML5 and related Web technologies.

Firefox OS

Firefox OS is a Linux kernel-based open-source operating system that designed for mobile devices and computers. This excellent operating system runs on firmware from Chinese manufacturing giants, i.e. ZTE and TCL (Alcatel One Touch). It offers about seven mobile carriers and its first promised phone is Spain’s Telefonica that launched under Spain’s Telefonica.

After sometimes of its launch, Firefox OS expands its wings to some low-cost phones from leading carriers like Telecom Italia and Sprint, Deutsche Telekom, and so on. APIs are also included in Firefox OS just like Tizen that support web-based applications using HTML5 and this will increase demand for application development service.

One of the best things about Firefox OS is it enhances performance of low-cost smart devices with its Qualcomm Snapdragon processors. This operating system has tougher time to attract users, who are accustomed to native apps.

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No doubt, all open source mobile operating system enters in the mobile and gives great impact to the user’s heart. But among all, Tizen and Firefox OS still impress its users with its better functionality and features.

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