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Don’t Look For Reasons !! Migrate To Magento 2 Now


Magento is a great platform to build the e-commerce store online. The company has upgraded the version from Magento 1 to Magento 2 and so all the issues that were faced by the merchants and the customers in the Magento 1 version are solved in the latest version and also many new features are added too.

Now, every merchant should think of migrating their store to Magento 2 as it will improve the customer experience. The advanced features of Magento 2 are so appealing that it will definitely attract you to migrate your store from Magento 1 to Magento 2. Let us have a look at them.


Mobile and SEO-friendly

Most of the online customers prefer the smartphones over the laptop now according to a recent survey and so that every online store owner should definitely think of the mobile version of their ecommerce store as well. The responsive nature of the Magento 2 makes it possible for every business owner to display their website across all the devices. The SEO-friendly nature of the Magento 2 is also the possible reason that might appeal to the vendors that their store will get at the top of the google searches.

Ajax cart

You may have the idea that Magento 1 doesn’t contain the Ajax cart. That is the page gets reloaded every time when the user adds a new product in the cart. This thing creates a negative user experience and it is also seen that if the page takes more than 3 seconds to load than the users leave the cart and also the shopping. This is something that must be taken seriously in order to keep the customer base happy. The Magento 2 uses the Ajax technology and so the page doesn’t get refreshed every time a new activity is being carried on.

Varnish Caching System

This caching systems store the page elements of the frequent web pages so that the site visitors can be served with the faster loading time. The caching systems do the work of accelerating the performance of the website and help you to deliver a great user experience for the customer base. The best thing is that it comes with Varnish, the HTTP accelerator with in-built native support.

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Simpler Navigation and Modern Admin Dashboard

The admin dashboard in the Magento 2 enables you to find vital business information about your e-store at one single place. The interface of the dashboard is too good and helps to do your work very easily. The dashboard allows you to find the overall state of the business without any effort by viewing the financial data displayed on the dashboard.

The Dashboard primarily presents an overview of:

  • last orders placed,
  • frequently searched terms,
  • most viewed products,
  • average order amount,
  • new customers,
  • lifetime sales, etc.

The Magento 1 admin interface is very complex, but here the merchants find it easier and simpler to work with the admin panel of the Magento 2.

Installation of modules easier and cheaper

The Magento 2 provides some great extensions through which you can enhance the overall performance of the store. The installation process of the modules of the Magento 2 is much easier as compared to the Magento 1 extensions. The HTML5, CSS3, require.js makes the front-end development much simpler and easier.

Easy integration

The Magento 2 allows you to integrate various systems such as inventory management software, enterprise resource planning software and customer relationship management tool to your own website. The integration process wasn’t smooth at all in the Magento 1 and the communication with the other systems got lost at some time also. It was difficult to track those messages too. Magento 2 has solved this issue with the framework called the RabbitMQ (Message Queue) that monitors the communication between the other software and the Magento platform.

Streamlined checkout

The conversion rates increase with a simple and smooth checkout process. The checkout of the Magento 2 is new and streamlined to ensure a faster and easier checkout process for the potential customers.

  • The customers are allowed to register after they placed the order itself.
  • Customers can find order details in every step of the checkout process thus keeping them at ease.
  • The cart abandonment rate is decreased drastically as the formalities and norms are less.
  • Integration with PayPal has been improved as you need not provide additional information like billing address which is handled by PayPal.
  • Photos are included in the order summary to provide the customers a high confidence of proper products to be delivered.

Elasticsearch technology

The quality of the searches and the user experience gets improved highly with the Elasticsearch technology of the Magento 2 Enterprise edition. The large catalogs and scale search capacity can be easily handled by this technology as the number of queries rises. Already 33 languages can be translated by this technology. The issue of the misspellings in customer searches is handled over here and Elasticsearch also offers suggestions and synonym management via the Magento Admin.

Multiple master databases

The Magento 1 had issues of database overload on the customer side as the website administrators and developers use the same database on the Magento e-commerce website. There are three separate databases for the product data, checkout, and order management in the Enterprise Edition of the Magento 2. This scalability ensures that the shopping experience of the customers is never affected by the order management or the merchandising activities.

Improved Customization

It is very important for a business owner to make the e-commerce experience of the customer very delightful. For this, they should take care that the user interface of their store must be properly designed and well made so that the customers feel it very comfortable to shop in your store. Personalized payment methods, cross-sell offers and up-sell offers provides the customers with good discounts using the advanced promotion rule builder of the Magento 2. The content you want to show to your customers and the gift coupons and specific discounts that you want to offer them can be done by monitoring their on-site behavior.

Final words

Now, if you are fascinated with Magento 2 features to get in touch with us and we will analyze your business for free to suggest the execution development plan by our top notch Magento 2 programmers.

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