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9 Mobile App Development Mistakes Startups Should Avoid In 2017


According to Comscore  mobile now represents 65% of all digital media time , with mobile apps dominating the usage. Mobile apps are slowly becoming an important marketing tool for the businesses of all size.

If you have an innovative idea for your business you should go ahead and build a mobile app. It is important to get right approach in developing a mobile app. Here are most common mistakes to avoid in mobile app development

The App is not going to sell itself

Once you launch the app in the app store or play store you have to market it properly in order make it successful. If you don’t have a plan for marketing to increase the visibility of the app.

Before you start marketing of the app it is important to define your target audience. You can set a goal for yourself to make an app that will feature in the section. Play store and App store feature many apps which are interesting and helpful to users.

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Have too many Features

Before you develop all the features and functionality that you have in mind you need to start with minimum possible features to test the core features.

You can also develop Minimum Viable Product ( MVP) before you develop the full-fledged app. You should not rush to develop all the features and release buggy app or app with too many features so that user gets confused.

Not Testing the app Rigorously before launch

Testing is an important element in the app development process. You cannot launch an app that has too much bug and errors. It must be tried and tested thoroughly by the professionals. Either you can include the testing cost in the development contract or before the start of development you can make sure development cost includes the through testing of an app.

You can use app analytics tool such as Google’s universal analytics to see how the app is performing in the app.

Copy the Features from another app

You should not look at a direct copy to features from the other app. We often told by a client that they want to just copy few features from the already developed app. However, taking inspiration from the other app simply copying the feature won’t be advisable.

Poor Communication

Poor Communication with your mobile app developer can lead to increase in overheads and delays in the launching of an app.

It is always better to ask your app development company to provide you regular updates about the development. You can also ask them if they use any project management tool to manage the project.

Bad UI/UX design

User Experience and User Interface are the heart of any mobile app. When a user downloads the app, he should be able to quickly find a way to operate the mobile app.

If a user finds it difficult to use an app he will abandon an app and find the alternate app. The mobile app should be intuitive and self-describing so that it is easier to use.

No planning to fix post-launch bugs

Sometimes despite testing, the app bugs manage to slip through. When client points to you the bugs you immediately want to fix it. Make sure you have the developer you hire should help you to solve these bugs.

If this is something not mentioned in the agreement you should ask the developer to insert post-launch bug fixing with no extra charge.

Not Marketing an App

With marketing effort, your app can reach to a large audience. Marketing strategy should be planned in advance , ideally before the launch of the app. You need to create a buzz about your app on social media and your business circles.

You can also contact social media influencers and blogger to write a review about your app. This way your app can get larger exposure.

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