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Benefits of Mobile Application Development for Businesses


This article describes about mobile application development as a boon for all. In the current scenario, more people prefer to access the web via modern day mobile devices than the traditional personal computers. As the number of devices is increasing, their users are relying on mobile phones for accessing the web. Consequently, there is a dramatic increase in the demand for the mobile application developers who can use platforms like Windows Phone, Android and iOS.

What is Mobile application development ?

what is moible application development

It is the process of developing application software especially for small handheld devices like Mobile phones, Personal Digital Assistants, and Enterprise Digital Assistants. These applications are easy to download or pre-installed on mobile phones at the time of manufacturing.

The Boom in the Industry

A real boom is witnessed in mobile application development. The market is growing and developing as a major attraction for job seekers. Earlier, the concept of mobile application was adopted by mainly the developed countries. Now, with the availability of resources, there is a significant acceptance of mobile applications in developing countries like ours. The market for mobile phones in India is flourishing day-by-day. With a rapid change in technology, the competition is tough among mobile phone manufacturers as well as software development companies.

moible industry

Similarly, to survive in the cut throat competition, the companies involved in mobile application development are coming up with new applications and ideas for these communication devices. The iPhone application development has also become a smart and quick application to cater to the need of your active lifestyle. These modern devices are available with a great range of features like gaming, e-mailing, chatting, net surfing, music, and a lot more.

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Various Functions of Mobile Applications

These applications act as an information center that provides information like weather forecast, fun activities, financial and current news. The various other functions include:

  • These are considered best for entertainment purpose at any time.
  • Proves helpful in managing daily activities like noting down appointments, checking timetable, etc.
  • All your financial transactions and bills can be monitored easily.
  • Features like chatting, video conferencing and e-mails help in business transactions.
  • Helps to save time while reaching more number of people at the same time, that too with a simple touch of your fingers!

The advantages and features of mobile applications can be availed by users of all the age groups. These applications are used in different sectors of the economy, proving to be a boon for all. Whether small or large enterprises, they all seek to enhance their business mobility by deploying cost effective and modern day mobile apps. This makes mobile application development a fast emerging industry in the IT sector.

No doubt, this sector promises an improved product and innovation every day. Let’s take a look at the major sectors adopting these applications.

Travel and Tourism

The Indian tourism industry is one of the most flourishing sectors in the country. With large number of Indians traveling abroad and foreign tourists visiting India every year, mobile device installed with travel apps is the biggest advantage. It assists the travelers in getting the required information like hotel locations, railway booking, flight booking, etc. Moreover, getting information about the total distance of the journey, any travel discounts, tourist destinations detail can be retrieved at a single click on your mobile device.


Gaming sector is one of the most benefited sectors from the mobile apps. The burgeoning popularity of gaming applications is due to the fact that these are easy to be used by old and young mobile users.


People in India are increasingly aware about the concept of online shopping apps. Having a busy schedule, many people find purchasing goods and services at a click of a button is convenient. This need is fulfilled by a mobile device that allows access to the internet.


The people in India love sports. The inclination to play and watch sports is present in most of the young and old users of the mobile devices. Knowing match score during work hours is not a difficult task now. The various mobile phones come up with a sports mobile app that allows the user to watch and get updates about their desired sports.


The music industry is another sector, which is benefited by these applications. Music mobile apps allow the users to download any song on their mobile phones anytime. Now, you do not need to wait to listen to your favorite music.

Thus, the present scenario of our country reflects a positive outburst in the mobile application development industry. With jobs for millions, a career in the field is rewarding. Those who wish to become a mobile application developer can enroll themselves for various courses in mobile application development.

As developing mobile applications is an IT based job, the application developer must hold a B. Tech or MCA degree. The knowledge of browser such as XHTML; Servers like WTA and WAP, and Clients like SMS and Chat is an added advantage. So, get ready to step into a career-oriented industry!

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