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Perception System’s All in One Banner Pro Extension Crossed 1000 Downloads


Recently, Perception System has announced that its All in One Banner Pro extension crossed over 1000 downloads as this is the most popular Magento extension that equipped with some high-end features.

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Today, Magento website owners should download this extension in their Magento website that allows them to manage unlimited banners with 26 different sliding effects. Moreover, users of this extension can make up their site effective and attractive in look.

Being one of the most popular Magento extensions, it has been downloaded by more than 1000 people, so we can imagine the features as well as benefits of this extension that can assist users in adding advertising banners in their site.

If you are also a Magento platform user and want to give your site a wonderful look, remember that the All in One Banner Pro is a great option that helps you out in giving stylish look to your site.

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Comparing to other popular Magento extensions, this is one of the huge achievements for the company that launched this extension 8 months ago. However, this rich Magento extension enables users to add unlimited banners with complete list of valuable features that you can find below:

  • It supports multi-store and multi-lingual that enables you to create banners for particular store view.
  • It also supports with 26 different sliding effects, so you can select per banner with different effect from list – Blind X, Blind Y, Blind Z, Cover, Curtain X, Curtain Y, Fade, Fade Zoom, Grow X, Grow Y, Scroll Up, Scroll Down, Scroll Left, Scroll Right, Scroll Horizontal, Scroll Vertical, Shuffle, Toss, Turn Up, Turn Down, Turn Left, Turn Right, Uncover, Wipe, Zoom.
  • It enables dynamic content management on banners with title and banner descriptions.
  • Clickable Banners support with banner URL.
  • 100% Open Source
  • Easy banner sorting list.
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy to Install and configure
  • The back-end management of the extension enables banners management with add, update and delete actions.

Above mentioned features are some of the most popular features of All in One banner Pro extension that all the Magento website owners can enjoy after installing this extension on their website.

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If you are still thinking to download, it means you are wasting your time as this extension is downloaded by more than 1000 Magento website owners, so without giving your second thought, you should also download it for your site.

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