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10 Must Have Development Tools for Developers


No tool is a good or bad for developers, however, the perfect tool is the one, which is best suited to you. In this post, we are going to list out 10 exceptional tools for developers that help them to improve productivity and simplify workflow. So, get ready to check out the list of developers tools.


Dash tool allows browsing Dash docsets database way faster. This tool helps you to store snippets of code and instantly searches offline documentation sets for 80+ APIs. Using this tool, developers can create docsets their own or request docsets.

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Data URI Scheme

Data URI Scheme is another front-end dev tool that allows you to convert given file to its representation in base64 data uri scheme. Developers can also convert image and vector files on the way.


Whether you are comfortable with terminal tool or not, it is the most essential tool to make your task easier and faster than GUI. Someone commented that, “GUI makes easy tasks trivial and hard tasks impossible to make.” So, it is must to learn this tool for faster development.

Alfred 2

If you are looking for tools to find files, then Alfred is one of the finest options. You can have this task launcher for finding files and operating them quickly and easily. This application is not different from Spotlight; however, reader may ask the advantage of it. Having this tool, developers can enable things like “workflows.”

Can I Use…

Can I Use…is a full database under your fingertips that doesn’t require any extra browsing.


Colors tool is another excellent tools for front-end developers. Using this tool, developers can easily convert colors between RGB, HSL and hexadecimal format. One of the best things about this tool is it permits to select any pixel from your desktop by simply typing # and after this Colors will return hex/rgb/hsl values and ready for add in your development task.


homebrew is a package manager for OSX, written by someone, who had enough of MacPorts and decided to work better than before. Brew has capability to work everywhere where MacPorts fails. From logical directory structure, through simple packaging system, it can work everywhere.


oh-my-zsh is blessed with a collection of helpful functions, plug-ins, helpers and themes. If you want to see current git branch in your shell prompt or RVM version, it is possible with oh-my-zsh. This developer tool comes with excellent path completion, history browsing and ton of other stuff.


ack is a great, blazing fast tool for searching contents of the file easily. It might look like grep, if it was created 20 years later. As it is developed looking at the developer’s requirements, you can simply narrow results of the search to the source file of your preferable language. Developers can use regular expressions out of the box or ignore VCS files while using this tool.

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Flush DNS cache

When it comes to adding new entries to /etc/hosts, Mac OS X can be very stubborn sometimes. To deal with such situation, it would be best to use Flush DNS cache.

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