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2016’s Top 6 Tools for Lean Web Developers to Use


We all understand that every web developer needs the right and perfect tools to perform their job. If they wanted to develop attractive and well-crafted designs that loved visitors, they need to be motivational to carry-out their work.

Well luckily, there are lots of essential and highly advanced tools for all the lean web developers, who are looking forward for making their work of developing site stress-free. Through obtainable tools, users can easily get assistance in completing their job on time and perform it more exceptionally.

Below, I have listed 2016’s top and highly powerful tools for all the lean web developers. Ensure that you bookmark this page as you use it in the future as well to take advantage:



We all know that all the developers need to work with designers and other co-workers who mean they need to share docs, images and text. Today, Droplr is one such tool that makes it an extremely easy, fast, slick and intuitive interface.

Users of this tool can easily upload files and share them with a generated URL without even signing up. When it comes to signing up for free account, it enables users to upload up to 25MB files and up to 1GB of storage. Remarkably, this tool is completely best that allows you to drag and drop files; view uploads by type and sorts them by number of views, name, size and more.

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Diff Checker

We know that if we misplaced or misspelled any letter, it can create a big problem in your web development project, so it is essential to have the capability to check the difference between two files that can help you to decrease these errors.

DiffChecker is the best tools with a straightforward user interface as it simply upload or paste the contents of two files and click “Find Difference”. This tool’s output highlights the differences with color-coded, with the background color changing and more. Moreover, there is no sign-up process, so one can use it without any hassle.

JS Bin

JS Bin

JS Bin was one of the first ever public paste bins that released in 2008. It made output live in your browser that enables users to collaborate on and debug JavaScript, CSS code snippets and HTML. Being an open source tool, it can work online on your local hosted environment and on your own website.

Moreover, it also supports remote rendering that enables you to check on multiple platforms at the time of outputting automatically as you edit the code. This tool known for saving your work once you starting it.



When it comes to talk about Dabblet, it is an open-source interactive playground for instantly testing snippets of HTML and CSS. This is one such tool that provides real-time updates with embed in other sites, share with others and save your Dabblet’s to your GitHub Gists account, the option to save anonymously and more.

In any case, if Dabblet goes down, there will be no risk of losing your data. Along with the multiple view modes and familiar keyboard shortcuts, one interesting feature is the prefix-free option. The best thing about this tool is that it works with all the modern web browsers, so one can get the source code that is obtainable on GitHub.



Being completely easy to install tool, XAMPP is free of cost Apache distribution containing MySQL, Perl and PHP. This tool has been set up to be wonderfully in order to install and use. In every web developer’s, there is a live testing environment that is most important element.

Today, ZAMPP is highly recommended tool, configurable web server. This tool contains Apache, OpenSSL, PHP, MySQL, FTP server and more that bunched together for a smooth configuration.



Evernote is the most reliable tool that supports desktop, web and mobile without any hassle. One can capture, upload and sync any of their docs from anywhere to keep their online brain effectively catalogued.

Using this tool, one can easily upload and sync their docs like task lists, brainstorming, inspiration, scheduling, writing and more. Developers can make use of it to archive snippets of code for future reference. So, developer needs to remember to use this tool for make their work a lot easier.

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So, these are 6 top tools for lean web developers to use as these tools come with high-end features that allow web developers to make their work a lot easier. However, if you are looking for a web developer for hire, you can contact us as we have smart enough team to handle your project and make it successful. For more info about web development services you can send your inquiry at

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