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5 Useful Pattern Libraries to Enhance Your Web Development Skills


With increasing demand for web development services, lots of people have decided to make their career in the web development industry and acquire maximum opportunities. However, but lots of developers are experiencing problem in web development and designing, because of their less skills in HTML5, CSS and JavaScript.

Because of the less knowledge about these languages, various developers find out about pattern library. As like with language style guides, pattern libraries also serve two major purposes.

They deliver a complete range of coding or design standards web development teams that can apply across a site like helping to maintain consistent coding practices and look over time and more.

When it comes to its second main purpose, they are a wealth trove of advice for anyone, who wanted to learn web design’s best practices from designers. All the newbie and web developers can find 5 web design style guides or pattern libraries that are helpful for them.

A List Apart Pattern Library

A List Apart Pattern Library

A List Apart is considered the most advanced web design blog on the Internet and it has launched its own pattern library as part of an effort to open source their website. However, this pattern library comes with the website’s solutions to design issues along with illustrative HTML code snippets.

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Google HTML/CSS Style Guide

Google HTML CSS Style Guide

Google HTML/CSS Style Guide is a straight-up coding guide from Google that details the company’s advice to its coders. Through this guide, users can get huge information about how they should write and format their HTML and CSS.

Most of the advice is fairly random sounding like a new line for every selector and declaration in CSS. It is extremely useful to start for newbie as they can develop their own preferred style.

Responsive Web Design Patterns

Responsive Web Design Patterns

Responsive web design is the best pattern library that requires a very different way of thinking about layout, which is both challenging and thrilling.

For the centuries, the art of layout was quite difficult as it was defined by fixed elements and now things are becoming exponentially more complicated. It covers complete things from layouts to images with simple and easy to understand examples.

MailChimp Pattern Library

MailChimp Pattern Library

The MailChimp is a byproduct of move to a responsive, intuitive and nimble application. Constant iteration needs both an effective workflow and a well defined set of atomic elements, which can assemble new UIs quickly without accruing new technical or design debt. It also allows users to reuse code instead of roping in a developer.

Yahoo Pattern Library

Yahoo Pattern Library

Yahoo Pattern Library is a great solution that is considered as a true design guide. It delivers solutions to web designers, who are facing problem. As it provides solutions to them to problems like how Yahoo likes its designers to handle navigation, layout and interaction.

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So, these are the 5 different pattern designs that can enhance web development skills of any web developer, who has least information about languages. Using these guides, one can complete their web development project on time and under budgeted cost.

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