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9 Benefits of Using AWS for Your Business in 2016


It indicates the varied needs of the people internal and external for the business needs, personal needs, device preferences, and mobility solutions. At present, three areas are leaving impacts on it, such as mobility, social, and cloud computing. Among them, Cloud Computing Solutions is a critical factor deciding the future of the organization as well as SMBs.

Cloud Services a Focal Point

Today the penetration of the cloud services is immense, as it expands from the freelance professional to SMBs, and large enterprises are using it in different modes. For instance, Google Docs, Dropbox, etc. are natural parts of our personal to professional processes.

We want to access our digital assets anywhere and at any time, whenever we need it. Our tiny mobiles have limited storage capacities, so we wish to save everything on the cloud, be it an important document or an image from the social media; we rely on the instant cloud services for the sake of ubiquitous access, security, and backup.

Therefore, if anyone desires to achieve success in the startup or established business, an adaptation of dynamic and modern cloud computing solutions is an essentiality.

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Cloud Market Reality

Today nearly 15 cloud service providers are on the list of top services. Google Cloud depicts operational excellence by offering high-performance cloud that is leapfrogging others in many ways.

Softlayer of IBM is handing a granular control over the cloud infrastructure. Microsoft’s Azure is beloved by enterprises a lot. Rackspace is famous for its exceptional supports and increasing community outreach via OpenStack.

CSC has highly standardized and highly automated cloud model. Against these all, Amazon has built cloud on superior capital expenditures that solely focuses on the actual needs of the developers.

Therefore, AWS is delivering user experiences that are relatively painless to use and inexpensive cloud infrastructure. Besides these, AWS is delivering the best of the best for all strata of the cloud users. For such reasons, it is in the top position since long. Let’s check all those reasons.

Computing Resources for All

Amazon offers three kinds of computing instances with own pricing framework:

  • On-Demand Instance: Only pay for the time you use the servers without any prior commitment
  • Reserved Instance: Reserve resources ahead of the time with discounted hourly rate for the larger jobs
  • Spot Instance: Price rates fluctuate according to the demands and computing capacities so best for the companies running jobs during the underutilization times

Thus, business or an organization can select the most appropriate pricing and service model according to the needs. Therefore, AWS has SMBs as well as enterprises as subscribers of all ranges.

AWS for Startups

Startups are always shying away from taking advantages of cloud services only for a myth that investing in licensing at the initial stage is not advisable for them. Therefore, they are wary of cloud services to save cost needed to pay for licensing upfront and look at the Oracle like databases services to get some relief.

When they come to AWS and find that the hourly priced model is without any upfront cost, they change their minds and willingly leverage the services of AWS like Zero CapEx to meet their ends.

Service with No Prior Commitment

Whether your business face heavy traffic due to your CDN or needs scalable email services, as well as have Big Data needs or anything that requires computing services, the cloud is a solution.

AWS have a simple answer for it in the form of hourly charges and freedom to start or terminate your server any moment without any prior commitment or notice. Your bill may consist of only the fees for the services you have used.

No Room for Negotiations

No busy business love to spend time and energy on negotiation. Therefore, AWS saves its consumers from negotiation on pricing by frequently reducing the prices of its services by cutting infrastructure costs. It has done so more than 30 times in its glorious past.

Moreover, it has developed and unveiled various tools like CloudCheckr, Cloudability, and many other to get insights to optimize the cost within the existing setup of AWS.

Used-based Pay Structure

Amazon lets its users scale the various services as per needs such as upscale or downscale a server, launching the new server, bandwidth limit, and many more things. Therefore, users have to pay based on the actual usages of the services.

In the case of other providers, once you go up, no chances to scale down it again in pricing.

Highly Secure

AWS knows the value of secure cloud to build the trust among its patrons. In due course, it has taken serious steps such as:

  • It has set up tight physical security on all data centers across the world by allocating round the clock security guards and highly filtered access
  • Server distributed across the multiple geographic regions and capable of shifting the load from the failed or affected servers in the cases of natural or manmade disasters to keep continuity and backup of the services
  • Flexible configuration to allow shifting from public to private and in between
  • Solid tracking and monitoring of the activities of users through various high-end tools

Powerful API

AWS provide API for numerous programming languages to ease the life of programmers. AWS API allows you to manage the infrastructure programmatically, launching a new instance, and taking backups are possible with it.

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In the IT industry, AWS Consulting Services are gaining prominent place proving as the growth engine for the businesses in the digital era. Among the number of cloud service providers, Amazon has secured top position since long.

The pricing model, pricing policies, and commitment to serve all scales of industry for their bespoke needs are placing AWS apart from the rest. Despite heavy investment in the cloud infrastructure and widespread database centers, AWS offers highly competitive rates with flexibility.

Therefore, mobile app developers prefer its services and are scrappy to gain expertise in the AWS API customization. Perception System has a team of app developers of the same category ready to help you like businesses at competitive rates.

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