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10 Best Java Tools Every Developer Must Use


We all know that Java developers are searching simple ways to write quality code to make their programming task easier. As things are changing more number of tools are introduced and used by Java developers.

To make other developers’ task easy, we have listed here 10 best Java tools that make development task easy and error-free.

SQL Developer


SQL Developer is a simple to use tool for managers and database administrators. One can easily connect database and SQL statements with this tool.

Unfortunely, it doesn’t have amazing function like other tool, however, it is good to complete your work. This is free tool developed by Oracle, but the problem with this tool is it needs JDK to use it.


Project Kenai

Better known as all-in-one Java troubleshooting tool, VisualVM can be used for integrating different command line JDK tools.
This tool comes with amazing profiling capabilities. Java developers can use this tool for using technology such as JMX, jvmstat & Serviceability Agent (SA).

If you are looking to get more data and want to use lightweight technology for executing overhead on monitored application then VisualVM is one of the best options for you.

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Takipi can install within few minutes, as it is a lightweight Java agent available without code annotations or configurations. Developers can use one server with full capabilities to work with Takipi. Even, this tool is used for minimizing the debugging time.



jClarity is the best combination of two different products, i.e. illuminate and census. Illuminate is specially created for performance monitoring while censes gathers analysis data and logs.

Cloud integration is supported by jClarity. Additionally, applications that are maded by jClarity have better income and up time. This framework is very lightweight and compact.



Clove is an excellent tool for code coverage. Using this tool, one can easily write code for application testing. Interestingly, you can run clover in continuous integration system or IDE. Clove is optimized for running your tests faster.



Notepad++ is one of the best tools for editing scripts, xml and for making notes. Every document that open on Notepad ++ remains there even after closing- this is the best part of this tool.

Notepad++ is best to use in accidental deletion of essential notes. This tool is also used as comparing plug-ins to compare different codes. It is an excellent alternative choice to notepad application.

Elastic Search


Elastic search provides tools to integrate existing applications to power their interactions with incoming data.

Moreover, this open source tools gives analytics engine and real-time search. This tool is especially designed to utilize in distributed environments where scalability and reliability plays an important role.

Those who are looking for a simple full-text search experience, then Elastic search is the best option.


Java SE

Developed by Oracle, Keytool is part of JDK. If you are using this tool actively, you have required challenging work environment.

Rarely, Keytool is utilized in the development environment. Moreover, those people, who are handling enterprise level applications, for them, it is best certificate management tool.


Java Decompiler

Jad is used to decompile Java class by developers. Developers just have fire jad commands and read codes in form of plain text. Here, you will find a little advance version of Java classes, where developers need to utilize jar file that lacks documentation.

Such thing is rarely occurred when any developer has messed up with source code. Before providing a patch, you have to recompile the full system.

As it is bit difficult to search the source, the full inventory is missing. JAD aids to developers in such situations. Developers can easily leverage the simplicity of GUI version of JAD to complete things in no time.



Most of the developers love to use Eclipse while some people prefer to use Notepad. No doubt, Notepad is best to use, but in some cases Eclipse is better as navigating in eclipse is simple.

Developers just have to know the basic things about Eclipse to use better ways. Mostly, Java IDE choice prefers Eclipse. Using above given tools when developing Java application provides you remarkable experience.

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All the listed tools come with excellent features that enhance developer’s productivity by enhancing quality and code performance. If you are looking for Java developers, who are using these tools for developing application then contact Perception System.

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