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21 Latest Web Development Tools to Make Developers’ Life Easier


Web developers are developing excellent and easy-to-use tools that make saves huge development time and enhance productivity.
So, if you want to make your development process easier then read on this post.



Being the smartest colour scheme, Coolors is a easy to use tool to choose colors and its combination. To use this tool, you just have start with your palette just with mouse over the bars and have to enter a hex code or you can also drag the slider to search appropriate colors. Those developers, who don’t have an idea about how to choose colors, can just hit for a random scheme.

When you see an appropriate color, just press the padlock button to lock it and continue click space for creating a new scheme. Users can lock as many as different colors until they get a perfect scheme.

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ECharts is one of the best comprehensive charting libraries that enable to provide error-free and simple ways to adding cooperating charts to your commercial products.



hyhyhy is one of the best tools for developing HTML5 presentation.It comes with a list of remarkable features, including Compatibility, Syntax highlighter, Markdown, Javascript API, Nested slides, Math typesetting, Convenient skeleton and so on.



Surge is a free content delivery network that especially designed to work with tools like Browserify, Grunt, Gulp, and npm.One shouldn’t have to Surge directly, however, it comes with a collection of features like clean URLs, fallback 404 pages, and so on.



Squire is another HTML5 rich text editor that delivers cross-browser normalization at same time it is a flexible and lightweight tool. Developed for current and the future browser, it doesn’t support any old browser.



Snabbt.js is one of my favorite minimalistic javascript animation libraries that concentrating around moving things. The best thing about this tool is it translates, skews, rotates, scales and resizes your elements with ease. Users can combine transforms in any way they want to as it includes matrix multiplication operations. Lastly, the end result can be set through CSS3 transform matrices.

Color Safe

Color Safe

Are you looking for a perfect tool that creates beautiful and accessible color schemes by applying WCAG guidelines? Now, it is possible with Color Safe to pick text colors by entering font size, font weight and desired background color with proper contrast ratio.

Mootor Framework


Mootor Framework is a collection of open source tools that used for developing HTML5 mobile applications.It enables to develop apps for multiple platforms, including iOS, Firefox OS, Android and so on.

Titon Toolkit

Project Titon

Titon Toolkit is not so popular but it is the best extensible front-end HTML, CSS, and JavaScript UI elements for modern, responsive and mobile web.



Haml stands for HTML abstraction markup language that based on principle to create beautiful markup.It enables to simplify template creation down to veritable haiku.

Sweet Alert


Sweet Alert is one of the best replacements for JavaScript’s “alert” that centers itself on the page automatically. No matter, you are using tablet, mobile or desktop computer, it looks remarkable.



Rollerblade is the best tools to provides a great 360° viewing experience to your webpage visitors on their products, images, or anything.Rollerblade.js works excellent on touch-based smartphones, tablets and desktops. The rollerblade rotator will activated when users slides their finger (left to right) on their device’s screen.



Trianglify is one of the most useful JavaScript library to generate colorful triangle meshes. This tool is used as CSS backgrounds and SVG images.


Dimensions Browser

Dimensions are the best tool that measures buttons, videos, input-fields, gifs, images, and so on between the elements.Developers can measure everything that they can see in the browser.



Responsive websites are supported by “Responsive-image” (RIMG) to give a way to optimize images like CMS-content in a simple and performant way.

It comes with a pure JavaScript without any server-side code and of course, it has 2 lines of code (library + definition)
Through source, you can simply know how the images are being changes by pure JavaScript.



Browsersync is free to use web development tool that can be installed Windows, Linux and OS X.

This tool enables to make tweaking and testing faster by synchronizing file changes and communication across many devices.Browsersync works where one can require and also streamline your process.



Plumin.js is another excellent tool that creates and manipulates fonts by using Javascript. Designers can enable to create different types of typefaces, automate repetitive tasks increase their quality by manipulating fonts with code.



Littlebox is created with 3 or fewer elements however, it can be called with as a single elements with that followed by the .lb-* class connected with the requested icons.



MaterializeCSS is a modern responsive front-end framework that based on Material Design. It enables to enhance the speed of development and make developer’s work simpler than before.


What Does My Site Cost

Nibbler is one of the important tools for testing websites.In order to use this tool, you just have to enter the website’s address and Nibbler will provide you detailed report considering different area of website like social media, accessibility, SEO, technology and so on.

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What does my site cost?

What does my site cost?’ is another important site to know what exactly person cost to download site on their device. Users just have to enter URL to search out how much it would cost a person to download your site on their device. Above listed are the best 21 web development tools that can be used to make web development process . If you want to develop website by using such tools then contact Perception System, a leading web and mobile development service providers.

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