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Why Professional Web Developers Prefer Tableless Layout for Their Client?


Why tables for layout is stupid idea?

Using of tables in web designing or development is not a good idea. There are many disadvantages of using tables and many remarkable advantages of using Cascading Style Sheets. CSS provides a global look and feel to the website which is not really possible with tables and table-level formatting.

If we are looking at HTML 4.1 specs, we found that it declared invalid to use of tables while in HTML5, tables are valid, however, the specs say: ‘tables should not be used as layout aids.’ It is clear that tables are not recommended by the W3C but one can use it in their designing and development task. Before you use tables in your task, find advantages of CSS in your web development.

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CSS is especially for SEO

If we are looking CSS as a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) perspective, it is excellent. Using CSS means less HMTL coding and thus, it is easier for engine spiders to crawl your website. Moreover, one should find more content and less code with CSS and thus, the website more readable to search engine spiders. It also helps website to load faster that also advantageous for Search Engine Optimization.

Complex Code Leads to Lack of Flexibility

One can find complex coding while using tables in website design and development with HTML tags like <td>,<tr>,<colspan> and <rowspan>. As we all know that large tables come with numerous lines of code that becomes difficult to manage especially with the passing of time or changes in web personnel. Changing such codes becomes easier for person who wrote but not for another professional web designer who hire for making changes.

Maintenance Challenges

Using table for developing or designing website is a difficult task. Website maintenance means to change the website. There are some websites that need of change more than others. The layout is the part of HTML when we are using table and thus, making global changes to the website means making changes in every instance, where a table is used for enhancing website’s look.

On other side, when CSS is used in web design instead of tables, we find layout info is in a CSS document. When some changes require doing in entire site, you just have to change in one single file, i.e. the CSS file. If you are using CSS to define font sizes, it will create amazing look to your site across different platforms and browsers.

Faster Loading

Last but least, the main advantage of choosing CSS for designing and development is it takes less time in loading. We know loading time plays an important role and make huge difference in an age of mobile browsers. If your website takes enough time in loading then no one likes to visit for site for shopping.

CSS Makes Websites Handy

The presentation of content is also defined with the use of CSS files that means it no longer has to embed into the HTML of every page. Hence, you are free to apply and change the formatting of content across pages by making changes in single file without formatting or re-formatting an existing content.

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Considering these points, we can conclude that using CSS in website design is far better than using table. Hope, this list of reasons make easier for you to choose right option for designing and development your site. For more information regarding any designing and development query, feel free to contact us.

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