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PSD To HTML Really is Dead?

PSD To HTML is Still Alive

On 5th July, 2014, I have shared content on PSD to HTML conversion that contains in-depth information on converting your PSD files into HTML. So, find this content here and make yourself aware about how you can convert your PSD files into HTML.

After writing content on PSD to HTML conversion, I was deeply researching on this topic, and I came across on this forum psd-to-html-is-dead. I appreciate the information that has been shared by him, but as per my opinion PSD to HTML is not dead. Here, I am going to share why PSD to HTML is alive, so go through this blog:

Now, PSD To HTML Changed

As I read in the Nick’s content that there has been huge change in the web industry towards responsive web as there are lots of tools, frameworks and flexible workflows, but is he really forget about the PSD to HTML and Photoshop also changed.

Today, it is extremely easy for all the people to convert their PSD files into HTML/CSS, which was not possible before. We all know that all the popular and relevant browsers are supporting HTML5/CSS3, so it is not necessary to slice designs in the old-fashioned way no matter whether you are working with PSD or not. However, people can find excellent plugins such as CSS hat that make converting layer styles to CSS3 a breeze.

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Are you designing by Coding or coding by designing?

Your appearance language is visual if you are a designer. You are the one, who gives shape to things, moving them across and develop relations among them. Now, you have to write definitions that describe their visual properties as well as relations in HTML/CSS3 rather controlling objects directly.

However, it is necessary that you check all your ideas in a browser instead of seeing it instantly. So, is it an excellent web design technique? I don’t think so.

Many of you all think that to attain your innovative goals by designing by coding is something very unique, but it is not an effective workflow. Lots more talented is the opposite direction that promoted by tools such as Macaw – coding by designing, where you design in tools similar to Photoshop and code is auto-generated.

Adobe smack Again

Today, lots of people think that Adobe is unaware about the Photoshop that it is becoming less suitable for modern web development process, but Adobe is still actively involved. Before discussing anything more, let’s have a look on it why:

As we all know that Adobe is energetically involved in the web development project, and it has declared is a move the web forward and give web designers and developers highly advanced tools and services in the world.

Moreover, Adobe has introduced Photoshop generator that brings lots of possibilities for plugins authors no matter whether it is designing for mobiles or tools to Macaw that can generate HTML/CSS3 directly from PSD.

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It has also added an excellent functionality that is extremely similar to that in CSS Hat to Photoshop CC. So, we can say that Adobe is trying hard to bring Photoshop ahead in this modern technological world. In short, we cannot say that PSD To HTML is dead, but it is still alive and it changes and adapts to current developers and designers, who need more automation.

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