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Why you should hire dedicated resources or a dedicated development team?

Nowadays, with the increasing demand for web development, countries worldwide have started recruiting highly skilled, talented and experienced web developers who can complete agile projects for specific clients.

To build the best digital products, dedicated infrastructure is required, such as a dedicated development team, IT infrastructure, strong development center, etc. There is a wide range of solutions to deal with such complex problems. One of which is to appoint a dedicated development team for your projects. 

If your core business is not based-on technology or want to expand your existing development team, you may want to outsource your development requirements. Here’s how the role of developers can affect different industries:

  • Start-up Perspective

Having a strong online presence is very important for start-ups. With the rising competition, it is necessary to deliver scalable and flawless projects on time to retain the clients. Outsourcing the development requirements to the dedicated team of developers will do wonders for your start-up organization. You can hire experienced developers dedicated to a cost-efficient manner.

  • IT Staffing Agency Perspective

With millions of youths looking at IT as the best career option, IT staffing agencies are prominent for websites and online applications. They tend to hire ideal and expert candidates for their complex projects. IT staffing agencies also need continuous support for their clients, which further needs a dedicated development team for the role.

  • Software Company Perspective

Manage your business effectively with enhanced productivity by outsourcing the software development required to a dedicated team. Outsourcing the software development to a dedicated team means low cost of investment, high-quality software, no communication barriers and a huge pool of talent for creativity. 

With the dedicated development team, you will have a project manager and technical support executive to manage your team and software This results into ultimate cost benefits for your projects.

  • Corporate & Enterprise Perspective

It is essential for enterprise and corporate bodies to distinguish themselves from competitors by improving clients’ experiences bringing feature-rich products to the market. Digitization of the information and storing it online on the cloud could save infrastructure space and centralize it for enhanced productivity and security.

Digital companies and enterprises find it worthy to work with outsourced development teams. This model helps them to reduce the outcomes, attract skilled experts from the narrow pool of talent and implement creative ideas.

Focal Motives

Outsourcing your projects to the dedicated team of developers can give you access to experienced coders, dedicated project managers, creative-minded programmers and agile testers. To build such a passionate and experienced team, you must invest time and money and onboard the right professional. 

Talent Crunch

If you are a non-digital company or an enterprise and don’t want to create an in-house team for your IT requirements, then it is ideal for you to search for a dedicated outsource development team.

And if you are a huge digital company that wants to meet regular deadlines, then outsourcing your projects to a dedicated developers’ team is the ideal solution. In any of the situations, you don’t need to invest in a permanent IT department.

Business Agility

After a political and socio-economic review of the people living in first world countries, let’s see things from a business perspective. Businesses, particularly the software development industry and attached agencies/firms, are continually searching for the profitable alternative for the work which does not belong to their core activities. Still, they have to do it to keep the business growing and retaining the existing loyal customer base.

For instance, a graphics designer may have a patron for web development or mobile app. The graphics designer wants to keep his core work, graphics design, and outsource other work to expert companies working at offshore places at a cheaper rate without reducing quality marks.

Global Approach

Access to advanced connected devices, smarter Internet of Things and availability of high-speed connectivity has made the Internet a global marketplace. Now having a strong online presence is not an option. It is a necessity for every enterprise and corporate body.

Furthermore, you can hire a dedicated remote team for your development projects. Pandemic has contributed to the rising demand of remote hiring, which facilitates through virtual meetings. Companies can also take benefit from the time zone, and experience multiple culture and mix talent.

Enterprises are investing in global strategies to reach foreign markets. To retain their positive and strong online presence, they must invest in a dedicated software and web development team. However, appointing an in-house team must be troublesome for many companies. Thus, here comes the role of the outsourced developers’ team. 

Quality Vs Cost Ratio

The quality and the cost ratio are 3:1, and this metric is useful as it shows the quality of the deliverables against the sum invested. You can deduct the number of hours spent interviewing the candidate and the entire hiring process. You can deduct the amount spent on maintaining an infrastructure for the in-house developer when it comes to cost. 

Besides, this ratio also indicates how much time your team has spent on the project. You can also save on the cost of the hiring process, which is your ultimate gain, by outsourcing the project to a dedicated development team.

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Benefits of hiring dedicated developers

Outsourcing your software product development to a dedicated developer can be beneficial in many ways if done properly. Here are some benefits:

Complete Focus on Business only

When you hire dedicated developers, you don’t need to worry about developing your products. This will help you focus on other key business activities, such as marketing, branding, promotion, finance, operations, etc., which are also important for your business.

High Productivity

You can get better performance and almost zero downtime when you employ a dedicated development team. The hired team can identify problems in advance and find solutions to keep your system running and problems down. Once you have hired a dedicated development team, you can get quality consultancy or advice when needed during project development.


One of the biggest benefits of hiring dedicated development teams is flexibility. They work as an extension of your internal development team and work only on your projects. Each project will require a different and unique mix of developers, designers, product managers, QA, etc. This will help if you want to leverage the resources at any point in time effectively.

Varieties of Skills

Hiring a dedicated developer or offshore software development team can expand the talent pool you can select your team. Some projects require special skills. When you hire a team of dedicated programmers, you don’t have to bear the burden of hiring full-time employees. Furthermore, when you hire dedicated developers, you gain access to their extensive skills, expertise, knowledge and solutions to develop your product.

Team Augmentation

One of the great benefits of hiring a software development team for your software development project is that they bring it to the table. It is best to research before hiring a dedicated developer or team for software development services. Once you find the right company that complements your product approach with experience and expertise, the skill set of developers can work to your advantage. By harnessing the expertise of the offshore software development team, you can tailor your product vision and meet your development goals on time and within your budget.

Save Cost & Time

When you hire an internal employee, the entire cost of building the site increases manifold, and you won’t be asking why. To get started, you’ll need to hire contract developers. Then you may have to pay a significant amount for their training. Other than that, salary, employee benefits and more. This may be a more budget option for your product development. In such a circumstance, it is advisable to hire a dedicated developer from outside or outsource software development to a cost-effective and reliable software development company. In this case, this option proves to be cheaper.

Global Reach for Talent

Countries like the US UK can easily hire dedicated developers in Asia, especially India. This gives them a competitive edge regarding cost and time constraints. A dedicated development team only covers a fraction of recruitment costs. Thus, you save on any long-term contracts and obligations.

According to Nasscom, Asian countries like India are emerging as the global market for outsourced services like software development, web apps development and mobile app development. Thus, you can outreach for your software development projects to a reputed Indian company like Perception System, resulting into high-quality deliverables at cost-effective rates.

Better Collaboration

Sometimes, it becomes easier to deal with the software development process when the software development process is outsourced to an external software development team. You don’t need to coordinate with the whole team separately. A dedicated developer or team entirely runs the development process. As such, you only need to coordinate with the project team lead. You can have daily, or weekly progress reports from developers that give you an idea of ​​how efficient and productive the software development process is. It makes it easier to manage the development team in product development.

Easy Management

The development team aims to work based on jobs. Once these tasks are completed, the process leads to further recommendations and testing processes, so it also helps in increasing the quality and efficiency of the project.


A dedicated development team can give you risk-free results. When you hire experienced dedicated developers, they consider changes and operational risks. You don’t have to worry about doing things that most of you don’t know how to do.

Seamless IT Support

When you employ a dedicated software development team, they follow best practices to develop the products. Which, in turn, increases the efficiency of your project from the very beginning. Furthermore, when a hired development team has proven experience in developing similar projects, you can rest assured about the outcome of your project.

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What is Hiring Process for Dedicated Resources?

The hiring process for dedicated resources is simpler than recruiting an in-house resource. Many dedicated agencies outsource dedicated developers or an entire dedicated development team to their clients. You need to find the best and most reputed company dealing with outsourcing development teams.

However, you should analyze and identify your development requirements before selecting your dedicated resources.

Define Your Project Requirement

Analyze your project requirement and how you want to invest in outsourced developers. You need to identify the scope of your project, how much you can invest, and how you can save by hiring the right resource for the accurate period. There are different hiring models for different projects, including fixed hours, flexible hours and dedicated developers on hire models.

Interview and Shortlist Resources

Make a list of the experience and expertise of the selected resources. You can compare their expertise and hourly rates with different agencies. Check out their portfolioand resume onLinkedIn. You can also check out their testimonials on reputed sites likeClutch.

Hire the Dedicated Resource

After sorting out the best-experienced candidate, you can discuss the hourly or fixed rates with the dedicated resource. You can offer a contract and ask to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement for the privacy of your clients.

Looking to Hire Dedicated Developers?

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