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Do you believe that a website is compulsory for your real estate business?


The majority of businesses are selling commodities and gadgets, which are cheaper deals compared to real estate property deals. It is because the costs of real estate property always are high and big in monetary volume. Therefore, deep search or reliable inquiry is expected. To ease it, an online presence with a website is the first thing while the mobile app is the next in the effective marketing strategy.

Real Estate Website Benefits to Your Business

It is true that website development today is not a small project. Real estate website now no longer remains a list of properties with addresses and contact details. The modern real estate websites require highly advanced features, functionality, and tools to meet the great expectations of modern and tech-savvy users.

Therefore, it is worth to know what advantages we will garner when we invest heavily in real estate website development.

A Website for All Stakeholders

We used to believe that a real estate website is only for property buyers. It is not true at all because the real estate business has at least four types of stakeholders.

  • Real Estate Buyers: They are interested in buying the properties.
  • Real Estate Companies & Landlords: Those are interested in selling and renting the properties.
  • Real Estate Brokers: They help clients buy, sell, and rent properties within legal boundaries because they have a license and abide to obey laws of lands.
  • Real Estate Aggregators: They work between property developers and financial professionals to prepare the portfolio for attractive investment for clients.

If you create a separate section for each user or mini-site, your real estate website will become a real estate web portal and can justify all stakeholders with the best user experiences.

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Enable Deep and Accurate Search

Today we have basic to advanced search facilities on the websites. For instance,

  • Main and side navigation architecture to reach the desired web page or website on the web portal.
  • Search bar to incorporate 3rd party search engine for your on-site search to carry advanced search using faceted search, autocomplete/suggestive search, and filtered search.
  • Layered navigation on category and sub-category web pages to find property based on its attributes.

We can apply the right combination of these search features and technologies to enable quick and accurate search of the properties.

Find Location & Direction

Property buyers often like to visit the property mostly along with family members. Today, we have GPS, MAPs, and other location-based technologies to fix the property exactly on the geographical maps. We can measure the distance and find various routes to reach there. We can get real-time direction while driving to or heading to the property.

These tools need to integrate on the website and provide navigational facilities to the various users.

Property Visualization

It is true that we can’t visit all properties in-person and explore thoroughly, particularly when we are at faraway distances or overseas locations. Images or photos of the property is a traditional way to visualize property before visiting.

Image optimization techniques on the website have enabled us to upload tons of photo of properties taken from different angles and locations. Apart from the image gallery, the latest 3D rendering technologies, as well as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, have enhanced the property visualization on the website and mobile app attached to the website back-end.

These advanced presentation technologies have alleviated the need for propehindirty guide and expenditure on it for the real estate business. Moreover, using AR (Augmented Reality) technologies, we can facilitate property buyers or rentals to visit the property at any moment without prior appointment.

Accessing Adequate & Valid Info

  • Real Estate Website enables real estate companies, sellers, renters, brokers, and agents to upload their legal validity proofs such as licenses, badges, and certificates from valid authorities.
  • It is possible to provide a complete background of property and stakeholders involved in the business.
  • With websites and web application, real estate stakeholders can check the discounts, and other incentives come with the deal. They can count the credit available for the real estate deal.
  • Real estate stakeholders can know everything regarding the payment, milestones, and taxes they have to bear using property calculators integrated on the website.
  • Provide real estate calendars and currency converters to facilitate users.

Property Website Bridge the Communication Gaps between Stakeholders

  • An enhanced real estate website/web portal helps buyers to come directly into the contact of sellers or renters.
  • If real estate brokers and agent are listed on the site, buyers can find them easily and get personalized treatments right from the beginning.
  • Aggregators or agents in real estate niche when coming directly into your contact through the website, they can fill up the gaps between your finance needs and right property for you in highly personalized ways.
  • Brokers through the site can provide you with complete legal guidance to select the safe and cleared titled properties as well as the process to acquire it or rent it.
  • Buyers and other stakeholders of the real estate business can provide online documents, guides, and forms to help all kinds of users through the website. Thus, interested parties can download it and submit it. It helps in to automate the business.
  • Provide payment related info in personalized and private ways.

Get Search Engine Visibility

Having a website for your real estate business in only the way to get visibility in search engines, your mobile app may not grant the same opportunity at all. If you have done right SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your website applying the latest technical SEO, on-page, off-page, and SMO techniques, your chances are high to get a good deal of organic traffic and a lot of business.

Offer Various Solutions

Real estate website visitors can find various solutions such as

  • Real estate property booking solutions through the website.
  • Real estate property is renting solutions.
  • Real estate property management solutions.
  • Real estate lead management solutions.
  • Real estate CRM solutions.
  • Real estate property maintenance and support system.

Who Will Develop Your Real Estate Website?

We have seen that the modern real estate website should have a lot of advanced features, functions, and tools to empower different types of users to obtain excellent user experiences along with top class services.

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