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Each project has its challenges our case studies are for clients, interested in knowing our work approach. It is our way to show our clients how we work to satisfactorily complete projects on time while working hand in hand with them.


Sahm Al-Nour


Magento Ecommerce platform, Mysql


Multilingual and multicurrency website for an organization to serve as a platform to accept donations and channelize them in the right direction to fulfill its objective of ensuring that every person on planet whether Muslim or not has access to the holy Quran.

Our Client?

Islam's holy book Quran teaches us to lead a noble life, practicing deeds that will ensure our salvation at Allah's hand. Unfortunately all do not have access to it. Even today there are millions of people who do not have access to Quran due to some or the other reasons like either they cannot read it because it is not available in the language they speak or it is not available in the area where they live.

Client Requirements

Each client is unique and bound to have unique requirements. Sahm Al-Nour contacted us with there requirements for a website that would facilitate their purpose. Features they needed in their website included:

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  • Multilingual Support Espagnol, Francais, English and Deutsch
  • Multi-currency Support EURO, $ Dollar and SAR
  • Donator should be able to donate without limitations, should be able to donate as per his/her capabilities
  • Banner consisting of 5 unique slides
  • Gift card certification for customers
  • Unique theme integration
  • Individual member log in areas
  • People should be able to donate without becoming a member
  • Mobile supported theme development
  • Separate theme for Arabic language with right hand navigation, the way the language is read
  • Sharing button integration for social networking purposes
  • Unique donation cart
Our Solution

Magento provides amazing features for complete site management and SEO friendly website development. Perception System has been working on the platform for a long time now and has served many different clients with unique Magento development requirements from around the world. We are a name known to fulfill client requirements. We have always worked hard to ensure that we give clients what they need, no matter how difficult it is for us. Sahm Al-Nour web development project was unique to us. When this project came to us we knew it was challenging and was sure to test our capabilities. However our developers were confident that they would be able to finish the development as per client specifications. Sure we were able to provide clients with relevant solutions.

  • Currently the site is iPhone friendly soon we will launch it for other mobile phones.
  • Custom pricing concept based development to allow donators to make donation as they please
  • In Magento we found a platform to develop multilingual and multi-currency website. Sahm Al-Nour supports Espagnol, Francais, , English and Deutsch languages as well as EURO, $ Dollar and SAR currencies.
  • Banner with 5 slides would have been heavier if we used Flash we found a less heavy option in JQuery based Banner Management System. Home page banner indeed has 5 slides which move at regular intervals giving the page a refreshing effect, despite this the site loads really fast.
  • Gift card certification came handy to us as we have previous experience of developing gift cart management system into our previous ecommerce websites.
  • Use of Magento helped us allot dedicated member areas to donators and it is only because of Magento that we were able to add the feature where donations can be done even by guests.
  • Site was redesigned and everything was reworked to make in Arabic. Select Arabic and there would be no doubt that it is created by non Arabic people.
  • Unique donation cart, we have seen shopping carts on ecommerce websites but for the first time we have a unique donation cart. Amount of money the donator wants to donate is indicated here.
  • Magento does not have ready to integrate share button, this was custom developed in Magento for and then integrated into the theme to enable customers to share each and every page on the website just at the click of a button.

Our Magento developers faced significant difficulty at two points in the whole project one was when creating the website in Arabic and the other when working on custom pricing concept. Arabic is a new language for us, not even in our dreams we ever thought of working on an Arabic site. However our developers were confident to do it. Since Arabic reads from right to left we had to redesign the site for Arabic based on the right to left concept. After redesigning came the part of integrating all other parts of the website. All buttons, extra pages, extra features, everything was integrated from right to left. Client was impressed with our work in this area of the site, especially because we are not Arabic still we were able to develop a site which looked Arabic in all its aspects.

Custom pricing concept is generally found in ecommerce websites. This is relatively easy when working for ecommerce websites because in it product prices work as the base price that is to be set in admin. However in donation, there is nothing like base price, so it was difficult. However after little thinking we were able to do it using Magento attributes. Due to this donators now have the option to donate the amount as they please.


Though lot many things had to be taken care of, the site was developed in much less time. It has all the features as requested by clients no doubt our client is happy with our work. Scroll through the website, it has simple navigation, easily shifts into different languages and donators can easily pay in three different currencies.

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