Gyro Galaxy Case Study

Have a wildest and exhilarating gaming experience by playing our Gyro Galaxy game that is unity3D game. We developed this sizzling game by implementing our skills, special expertise and technologies. Find more details, how we done this project triumphant and successful!!

Gyro Galaxy Case Study

Mobile Game ( iPhone, iPad, Android and Tablet)

Unity3d, OpenGL ES, 3ds Max and After Effect

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Our Gyro Galaxy is the first as well as foremost Android 3D game that we have designed and developed for our valuable clients using latest android technologies and tools that include Android SDK 2.2, Unity3d, 3ds Max, OpenGL ES and after effects. In this entire game, we have given excellent sound effects in using Sound Forge. Believe me, developing a 3D game for the first time is not as difficult as it sounds; however, we were thinking for developing something innovative and thrilling that give players a great gaming experience.

We have implemented our skills and expertise accurately to develop a dynamic game as we do not believe in things that are with fewer complexities. So, our entire team of android developers decided to develop a sizzling game (Gyro Galaxy), which is a multi level game with different goals to achieve. We make this game more challenging so that it would be difficult for players to conceive. We developed this game on Android platform after all android is a great platform for playing as well as developing games.

Well, the entire development process of this game planned very carefully and effectively so that we adhered with our each methodology and plan to develop such game that makes players amaze with its effects and stages. Just like any other project, our entire team of Android developers was working very hard on this project as well. This time, we wanted to develop something creative so that no one else can accomplish it and our expertise. Nevertheless, our developers have also developed various other successful android games that include OneWay Ride, FaceQuiz Game, Tennis Coach, FlyCycle and many more. You can also try-out these games and hire our android developers for your project!!

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Coming back to Gyro Galaxy, initially in this project, we faced a problem of GUI as it customized for Android platform, but it didn't work. With this problem, we were not able to move ahead, so we researched on some latest tools and technologies. Finally, we found a perfect solution in Prime 31 UI toolkit that helped us to redesign the UI in a better manner.

At last, a great and sizzling game (Gyro Galaxy) developed, and the entire development experience of 3D game was wonderful. After completing the whole development process and releasing process of this game, we came to know that once again, we proved ourselves that we have special expertise and capabilities to empower any gaming application.

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