Whats MyM3 Case Study

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Case Study


WhatsMyM3 is an Android and iPhone application developed by us for our client WhatsMyM3.com . We are honored that it has been noticed by USA Today as a quick and reliable source to check depression. It is a milestone we crossed with our expert mobile application development services.See Detail

Whats MyM3 Case Study

Dr. Larry Culpepper, MD, MPH, Professor of Family Medicine, Boston University School of Medicine

Android SDK API – 8 (Version 2.2 and later), iOS

5.1, XCode 4.2

google play
app store

Since long M3 score has been associated with checking the amount of stress patients are experiencing and there chances of being ill with any of the related diseases like depression, anxiety, Bipolar, PTSD and similar others. WhatsmyM3 is a project about creating a mobile application to help people know their M3 score at the tip of their fingers from their hand held mobile devices.

Our Client

For the first time in the history of Perception System we had Android application development requirement from an individual, related to the healthcare world, more specifically mental health care world. He is Dr. Larry Culpepper, MD, MPH, Professor of Family Medicine, Boston University School of Medicine. Dr. Larry Culpepper has been associated with various federally funded researches for the study of depression, anxiety, Otitis media and others. He conceived the idea of creating a mobile application to help people measure their M3 score on the go. Our vast mobile application development experience for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry made us an ideal partner for this project.

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Client Requirements

Dr. Larry Culpepper contacted us with a unique requirement, he needed a mobile application that can measure people's M3 score based on their answers to few questions.

It is popularly said that health is wealth, however among all, mental health, though often ignored is the most important. Previously there was no subsequent way through which people can check their mental well being. M3 score is a way out for them. If people feel that they are facing depression or are suffering from anxiety and are not sure if they should consult a doctor or not and whether there condition is severe or not, there M3 score can guide them to these decisions.

Yes, there are few websites using which people can know their M3 score, know their mental health and make the decision accordingly. But Dr. Larry Culpepper felt that it is a little time consuming process, a dedicated application available in their hand held devices can make it all very simple and so the idea for WhatsMyM3 was born.

Client requirements were quite simple. The application was to be developed for Google Android platform. He requested for:

  • Simple intuitive design with buttons for Start Screen, Helpful Links, About WhatsMyM3 and My History
  • Users should be able to get the information they are looking for when they click on the respective buttons
  • Test should start when the user clicks the Start Screen button
  • During the screening questions should be displayed one after the other
  • At the end they should get a score and know what their score says about them
  • User should be able to restart the test during any time of the test
  • My History should save M3 score of user's previous test
Satisfying Client’s Project Requirements

One of the biggest qualities of our Android developers is they plan project work in accordance to client requirements. When we started work for WhatsMyM3, we had a clear project layout, highlighting how we would work on it to ensure that the project was as expected by the client, adhered to the publishing guidelines and was sure to help its users. Unique features of the application were derived from client's unique project requirements:

It has a simple intuitive design where all the buttons as mentioned by client have been included. When clicked, the respective button will take the user to the respective page. It has a simple theme background is blue and text is displayed in white boxes, highlighting the information requested by users.

Screening starts when users select the start screen button. Total of 29 questions will appear one after the other with four options to select as answer. There is no option to skip a question making it compulsory for users to answer each appearing question. Next question will appear only after the previous question is answered.

Restart button at the end of each page with the question can be used for restarting the test, if in case the user gave wrong answer to the question on the page

Score will appear only after the 29th question is answered. Score is decided based on users selection of the answers that is how many times they have selected not at all, rarely, sometimes, often and most of the time, as their answer. Score is indicated with a red mark on a 100 point scale.

Box below the score mentions the significance of the score what it means for the user and if he or she is already subjected to depression or anxiety or is on the verge of getting on it and if they should seek medical help.

Screen results for 30 screens and less are automatically saved in My History. Users can check their progress from time to time from this page.

Currently the application is listed on Google Android Play

as a paid application and has a 4.4 average rating. This proves that our Android developers have done excellent job while working on the project. After experiencing its success on Android we suggested client that the application should also be available for iPhones and iPads. This will increase its reach to the people and will benefit client largely. Client quickly understood what we were saying and gave us the permission to build WhatsMyM3 application for the iPhone and iPad devices.

Developing WhatsMyM3 for the iPhone and iPad was not difficult as we had already worked on it for the Android, as here the only difference was the development platform rest all remained the same. The application has the same look, feel, features and functionalities as for Android.


With increasing popularity of WhatsMyM3 and all the good reviews it can be concluded that the project is a success. Our client is happy with our work and has promised to work with us for all his future projects. WhatsMyM3 has once again proved our capabilities as a mobile development company.

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