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2016's Top Web Design Trends That Will Rule on Web Developers' Heart

Today, Web design is considered as the most vibrant and diverse industry that is changing and evolving constantly. It is not an end product but it is an asset in the presentation of a product that connects people with one another, offering a tool or service.
Many people may not have any idea that where web design is and where it is going, but no need to be worried as here I have listed current status of the web design industry and foretell some of the trends for 2016 that you can adopt for your website and make it highly sensational website on the web.
Let’s have a look on below mentioned 2016’s top web design trends that will rule on web developers’ heart:

Subtle Parallax

Subtle Parallax is one such trend that most of the people love/hate at the same time. There are a lot of websites that have adopted this trend, but businesses need to be careful as too much parallax can break the design and destroy the entire experience. It is expected that 2016 will see more subtle parallax scrolling and animations that add huge feelings to websites.
Cher Ami
Cher Ami

One-Color Dominance

In 2016, we will see more and more websites that will make use of one color very heavily. Image overlays, buttons, backgrounds and type. A very sturdy pattern on one single color will put importance and make it more memorable and easily associated color with the brand.
Nine Sixty
Nine Sixty

Advanced Navigation Menus

In the upcoming months, we will see more innovative solutions to website navigation that starts with floating and sticky menus. Pop-up, secondary information, slide down, slide up, spiced up with imagery and wonderful animations will be helpful to develop memorable browsing experience.
Impossible Bureau
Impossible Bureau

Fixed Blocks

We all are well aware of sticky sharing bars and navigation menus; however, in 2014, Designers showed that some of the parts like sidebars and other elements of a design can be fixed. In 2016, it is expected that fixed blocks’ website too will gain huge attention from people.
Build in Amsterdam

Video Backgrounds

An ultimate experience giving trend video background is portraying emotions and intentions conveying more than any picture can. In 2014, this trend gained huge popularity, but the actual peak will be in 2016.

Cards & Tiles

Cards & Tiles will continue its charm in 2016 as well. People prefer Cards & Tiles design more, and with Pinterest being the leader in this design trend, eCommerce websites and blogs will go with this website design trend.
Fire Box


As we all are well aware that a dynamic Dropbox website has hand-drawn illustrations. Always being a part of web design, illustrations can also be seen in more beautiful examples implemented in website experiences to represent the brand, tell a story and connect with the visitor.
One Design Company
One Design

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Flat Will Keep Flourishing

When it comes to talking about Flat design, a lot of tech companies adopted this trend, and various designers also use this paradigm by default. Being quite a new movement in the market, we can see many new directions of this design trend in 2016.

Mobile First

With constant increase of mobile, web users are growing at a rapid pace, and the mobile first philosophy will expand stronger in 2016. These days, responsive design is not a feature, but it is a must to adopt designing feature and designers will have to rethink the way they design websites for mobile users to give the best experience possible.


Nowadays, geometry is one such web design trend that has caught the attention of web developers as it is not as boring as math if used accurately. In 2016, beautiful geometrical shapes and patterns will also hit the web design scene harder.

Material Design Will Keep Expanding

Google’s invented web design trend Material Design is a subtle modification of the flat design movement, but it is more advanced, universal and promising. This year, this web design trend will surely see a huge rise.
Inbox by Gmail
Inbox by Gmail

Human Touch

For some time now, hand-drawn illustrations and type are much in talk as this trend has all the possibilities of implementing basically any font on the website, designers are taking benefit of using handwritten type in order to give that look and feel of human touch which connects with the visitor in a fully different way.

Rise of Website Generators

I have noticed that website generators have been trying to replace human designers and coders, but they did not get much. But this year, it is expected that we would see high-quality and a number of websites built with generators such as Squarespace, Generator, Froont, Macaw and more.
Build a Website

Interactive Journeys

When it comes to interaction journeys, this web design trend will get more attention in this year. A lot of interactive websites are creating unique and personalized experiences by connecting a camera, microphone and playing sound and enabling interaction and storytelling based on the viewer’s actions.
Echoes of Tsunami
Echoes Of Tsunami


These days, most of the businesses prefer to have a professional looking website as it is becoming more important in the tech industry. In upcoming months, more and more businesses will prefer to have such professional look giving websites.
Perception System
Perception System

So, these are expected web design trends that will rule in 2016. However, if you are a businessman and deciding to design your own website that takes your business to a next level, you should hire an expert web designer from any professional web design and development company.

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