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Appcelerator Launched Major Update For its Platform, Giving More Flexibility


Since 2006, the mobile company Appcelerator is in the market, and it has gained huge popularity in the market in the last couple of years. Whenever you think of this company, you will surely think that it is the company behind Titanium, an open source mobile development environment.

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However, the company has also gained huge response from people with its Appcelerator platform that is especially designed develop applications as well as mobilize their data. Now, the company has launched a major update for its platform, enabling users to get more flexibility in how they will develop their applications and how they will get their data into them.

On the day when any company had 100% control over their heap are long over because of the rise of mobile devices and cloud computing. As per the company, a new update will help out companies to prepare better for this post-web reality.

Being a part of this, the company has decided to make a big shift in how it will develop its platform’s abilities obtainable for developers. However, the company has released a native SDK for iOS as well as Android platform that enable developers to integrate these tools no matter whether the application was build on its platform or not.

Jeff Haynie, a CEO and founder of Appcelerator, said “Some of his customers use up to 200 different line of business apps in their companies. “Not all of them are using our tools, but now they can use our single dashboard to manage them,” he told me. “We want to give customers choice.” This doesn’t mean the company is not focusing on Titanium anymore, though. Appcelerator is still heavily investing in Titanium, Haynie noted.

When it comes to talk about the other biggest features of the release, Appcelerator’s API Builder is one such feature that makes it extremely easy for all the companies to take data from the legacy databases.

Moreover, it also makes it accessible for their own mobile applications. Haynie said, “We found that we made it easy and fast to build mobile apps”. He also added, “But a lot of the time, developers are waiting to figure out how to get data from their systems into their mobile apps. With API Builder, we are trying to get this data mobile.”

Appecelerator Company is providing lots of connectors for various popular database systems and salesforce and other platforms. Some other features that has been introduced in the update includes an enhanced analytics service that make it simple yet effective to develop custom views and funnels. It also introduces the capability to use the Appecelrator platform in a private cloud for organizations.

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