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How Apple’s ResearchKit Can Take Your Healthcare App to The Next Level


Now-a-days, everyone wants their personal care done via phone whether it be booking an appointment in salon or clinic or booking a restaurant.

And it is foreseen that people would prefer measuring their healthcare data with iPhone before appearing to the doctor.

Gadgets like Fitbit, are the beginning in healthcare industry and with the arrival of ResearchKit things will be perfect over the period.

It’s also seen that iPhone’s flashlight has already reduced the use of torch for doctors and as said above this is a good sign for futuristic vision of mobility.

In united states, the researchers are curious for study on child’s growth, human’s mental health and many others.

Apple’s new research-kit framework will gradually solve such problems of medical industry in near future. The new devices & operating systems are well enough to handle motion, camera movements, face detection & touch.

This blog will guide you about the powerful features of research kit you can add in your app.

In past, we made some healthcare apps, one of the apps is WhatsMyM3 for tracking user’s mental status and if needed the app takes him to a psychiatrist if his score falls below 30% and also, this app was named on US Today news channel.

Since apple came up with research kit framework that lets you present series of questions, gestures & activities to be shown to the user (patient) and you can note down his reactions to judge the disorder.

What Can Be Done with ResearchKit.

Three modules of ResearchKit are the choice of implementation for your study.



You can design series of textual questions and present to the user. Finally, you can create study by collecting relevant data from user input.

Example, if you want to gather data of user’s mood or nature then you can design your questions using research kit and gather with HealthKit.framework.

Questions can be multi-choice or textual input or single choice based on your research.


You will require to have consent of participants (users) in your study because you are taking the human subjects in your research.

Usually, the consent is reviewed by IRB (institutional review board) or an ethics committee but depending on your country.

This is to ensure that participant is aware of sharing his information in your study. If your study includes children then you have to take parental permission.

Active Tasks

Active tasks are the main and interesting part of ResearchKit, you can invite users to perform active actions on your questions with iPhone sensors and that helps you collect data.

You can ask your user to respond to a visual content in a time bound and collect your data.

For example, you want to study on child’s development then you can read the children’s ability to respond to what is said on a screen like show your palm to camera. This allows doctors learn that whether the child is eligible to understand and respond to visual instructions.

Active Tasks

You can ask your users to perform some actions like tapping two fingers 10 times on iPhone. These are used to collect study for users suffering from some disease like Parkinson disease.

If you want to study for users walking speed then use you can tell user to run as fast as you can for 10 and come back. Using iPhones acceleration and motion sensor you can join people in your study this is the core beauty of researchKit.

For example, if you want to take accent of users suffering from voice problem then use research kit voice sampling.

voice sampling

“ResearchKit works well with health kit and this framework helps you get more data like calorie burn, heart rate etc.”

The best example of raywenderlich guides developers how to access heart rate data for your research kit study.

If You Are Looking for a New Medical Research Project?

You can turn your device into a medical gadget with research kit and health kit frameworks.

One interesting implementation using researchKit is done by mPower app for parkinson’s disease.

“mPower app just asks user an active task that tap two buttons as quick as you can”

The data was collected for 10k users to detect how many were suffering on this disease.

Another interesting implementation was done by Duke Health for Autism a mind development disorder usually found in a child below 2 years.

There are other several studies done using researchKit including Asthma & diabetes studies. Now, your app can be the next among the list.

If You Want to Add ResearchKit To Your Existing Project?

If you are planning an update of your iOS app in healthcare category then
you must go through the ResearchKit.

Your developers are well enough to grasp the core structure of ResearchKit. It does not require research for researcher but it’s a research work for a developer to explore the best study for your app.

Every app collects different data based on the logic of researchers so your developer has to be well studied with the foundations of these frameworks.

Daily, hundreds of apps are updated in medical and healthcare category on iTunes and it’s not like that all apps are using health kit because it depends on your use case.

“taking the advantage of technology is an art.”

This article is intended for all those people who are about to take their next step on healthcare & medical apps.

In recent past, perception system has delivered many enterprise apps for pharmaceuticals & healthcare industry. Also, delivered the contest winners like WhatsMyM3 app.

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