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Get Closer to Remarkable Web Designs by Following These 8 Latest Trends


This year will witness a brand new revolution in the web design world that I believe will continue to stay for many more years to come.

Although, its notoriously challenging to predict the next big trend in the web design arena, through my well-defined work experience, I’ve compiled a list of web design trends that will play a crucial role in improving your chances of coming up with a brilliant and out-of-the-box web design. So, without any further delay, let’s get to know about these 8 web design trends that’ll rock the web design world in 2014.

Web Design Trend No.1 – Scrolling will continue to remain the highlight

Scrolling will continue

After having encountered the influx of heaving scrolling in websites in the year 2013, it is easier to predict that the trend will survive this year as well. Vertical scrolling will continue to remain a major aspect of every web design. The year 2014 will see the success of these two types of scrolling

Parallax Srolling

This is a scrolling technique wherein the background images move at a slower speed as compared to the foreground images. This type of scrolling is mainly utilized in designing mobile-responsive websites.

Infinite Scrolling

This is a scrolling technique wherein the browser scroll bar is prevented from scrolling to the bottom of the page. This leads to an increased page growth.

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Web Design Trend No.2 – Tile/Card Effects will continue to remain an inseparable entity

inseparable entity

Although Windows8 couldn’t benefit a lot from introducing the tiled web design concept, today the technique has become an effective means of displaying text and images within web pages. The best thing about Card/Tile effect is that you get an opportunity of displaying wholesome information in a smaller space.

Web Design Trend No.3 – Simple Bold Color Schemes will take the limelight

Bold Color Schemes

As an add-on to flat web design trend, the concept of using big bold color schemes will snatch the limelight from other web design methodologies. Bold colors are an excellent means of giving a personal look and feel to big brands.

Moreover, you may use different tools that’ll aid you in including primary and secondary colors in an intelligent way. Some of the popular tools used for this include Color Combos, Adobe Kuler and Colour Scheme Designer.

Web Design Trend No.4 – Video backgrounds will also strike a pose

Video backgrounds

The concept of filling up the entire screen with a video is probably going to be on the hit list this year. While including a video on your website’s home page, make sure to hit on the correct hosting setup to ensure smooth streaming of the video. Staying away from shared hosting will definitely be a wise decision.

Web Design Trend No.5- Responsive Web Designs will continue to rule

Responsive Web Designs

Quite similar to the year 2013, this year will also notice an incredible hike in the success of Responsive Web Designs. Designing for the mobile phones will continue to remain the prime concern of web designers.

Web Design Trend No.6- Mobile-friendly typography will become prevalent

Mobile friendly

This year, the web designers will have an easy access to a wholesome collection of awesome fonts that look perfect on different types of mobile devices. In addition to the wide stock of Google fonts, there will be websites offering free fonts for websites targeting different types of audiences.

Web Design Trend No.7- Slide-out vertical menus will be on a rise

Slide-out vertical menus

As an approach to maintain a clean and elegant web design, the usage of slide-out vertical menus will be on a rise. While some menus will be placed on the left side, others will be positioned towards the right side of the web page. Unlike the traditional look and feel attached to the horizontal bars, these vertical menus will look stunning.

Web Design Trend No.8- Reduction in overall text ratio


Whilst the trend of reducing the ratio of text in web pages seems to be exciting for the web designer, two important things need to be considered prior to proceeding ahead.

The first one is whether the website (with less content) is able to convey the business message and secondly whether the website needs to be optimized for the search engines (if the site is to be search engine optimized, then text quality can’t be ignored as a whole).

Hence, before reducing the text size for the websites, it is important to analyze whether the change will fetch positive results or turn out to be a mere wastage of time and efforts.

Summing Up

Hope you’d have loved learning about these 8 web design trends that’ll create new waves in the web design world in the year 2014. Go ahead and embrace these trends, the next time you’re allotted a new web design project. Hope you’ll come out with flying colors like never before.

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