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eCommerce Guide – Effective Process for Developing Next Mobile Website


Presently, we have seen that eCommerce and online marketing has expanded their boundaries and now comes closer to their customers. Almost 90% of customers prefer to shop online rather than to visit shops.

Looking at the current trends, we come to know that customers prefer to look for upgrades and it looks as if mobile will be the next target.

Now, it is clear that mobile is the next target for eCommerce business to target audience. In this post, we are going to tell you process of developing mobile e-commerce website with proper plan.

Who Adopt Mobile Website for Their Business?

Mobile customers are those people, who are continuously learning about as mobile adoption that becomes more filters and widespread. If you are thinking to plan mobile eCommerce store, then you have to think according to customer’s requirements and demand.

There are many places where we are using phones, i.e. while shopping or on a night out, eating a meal, watching TV and so on. In such situation, customers might think to purchase services/products or not. Customers are also using mobile at different times of the day.

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Now, you are thinking how it is beneficial for your eCommerce business? Online businesses can set different banners on the home page of mobile eCommerce site like discounts, price promotion or coupons.

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There are different types of mobile shoppers, some of them are

According to Columbia Business School, there are mainly five types of mobile shoppers in the stores and showrooms. We have think one step further and check out what type of people use their device outside of the showroom.

  • The comparer: Such people browse products in brick-and-mortar stores while checking price on their mobile device.
  • The time passer: These people just want to pass their time. They are just an impulse buyer, who is browsing stores that they already know.
  • The social shopper: These people follow industry, celebrities, leaders and brands on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest and find out the latest gadgets, trends, etc.
  • The deal lover: Such people love to bargain when they are visiting store while searching for coupons when purchasing online.

Now, it’s time to measure conversion success. The conversion success falls into one of the below given categories like:

  • Complete a task- Visitors have to complete of some activities such as filling out a poll, playing a game, entering a competition and so on.
  • Purchase – Visitors have to complete a purchase transaction successfully.
  • Social promotion – Visitors are following social channels, tweet or like product or brand, subscribe to a newsletter and so on.

Factor Affecting Mobile E-Commerce Conversion Rates

Font Size or Style

Considering font style and size is must while developing mobile eCommerce site. If you have font size too small or improper font type then your visitor surely leaves your site.
No doubt, many modern browsers allow adjusting font size according to the preference, but many people don’t have idea about it.

Proper Design

Proper designing of mobile eCommerce site plays an important role. If any user is exploring your site but the site doesn’t adapt to be seen on a mobile device, then it affects your user experience and thus, it results in to decrease in sales.

Mobile site requires being simple and having easy-to navigate option for their users so that it increases the sales.

Finger Friendly

It is advisable to add call to action option large enough so it can be easily pressed by a finger. The ideal Finger-Friendly Design should be of 57 pixels wide for a finger and 72 pixels wide for a thumb. In addition to, you have to put proper sized button on:

  • Form fields to enter billing and shipping details
  • All buttons, including “Add to cart” and “Pay now”
  • Navigation of category tree
  • Search buttons and filters
  • Thumbnail pictures of products and so on.
  • Contrastive Color And Light Conditions

It is analyzed that strong contrast is the best for buttons and call to action. It is advisable to choose the lighting conditions for your mobile users by adjusting CSS that we call light-level media queries.

@media (light-level: normal) {
p {
background: url("texture.jpg");
color: #333 }
@media (light-level: dim) {
p {
background: #222;
color: #ccc }
@media (light-level: washed) {
p {
background: white;
color: black;
font-size: 2em; }

According to my view, light-level media queries provide cool features that can be easily adopted as mobile devices are using various lighting conditions. With this technology, you can easily enhance conversions with mobile usage in bright sunlight and dark night.


Forms affect the speed of website. It is advisable to create finger-friendly and legible form so it can be easily adjusted to your mobile device.

Furthermore, you have to use the right input type (URL, email, telephone, etc.) so the appropriate keyboard is displayed by the mobile browsers.

It would be great if users are choosing their positions in the checkout process so they can check the progress and check out the tunnel’s end.

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The Ideal Home Page

I don’t think that every people have same thoughts about the perfect Home page. But, here we are going to evaluate an ideal Home page, which is perfect according to my viewpoint.

  • An ideal home page should have clear call to action button on the banner
  • It should have responsive typography and price should mention in contrasting color
  • Images should be clear and with all of the shots so users can easily make a purchasing decision.
  • It should have short yet informative description of products/services

Putting all given things in your mind will results into a perfect mobile eCommerce site. Moreover, if you are finding difficulty in planning out your site then simple hire mobile developer from reputed mobile eCommerce application development company, Perception System. For more information, click here.

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