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All About Enterprise App Stores That You Should Know


What is Enterprise App Stores?

These days, the demand for enterprise app stores is boosting tremendously as it is quickly becoming the current rage among the businesses. With increasing the use of mobile devices in enterprises, there are lots of business organizations that have faced the problem of regulating the use of mobile device apps among employees.

Across the world, there are lots of companies that do not yet have an in-house mobile application development team for their projects. All those companies are trying to the concept of EAS to decide about this issue.
Moreover, an enterprise app store is also known as an EAS as it is one such online app store that allows different companies to securely supervise and regulate the licensing, distribution and management of some approved mobile applications to its employees.

Today, such stores are developed to be well-matched with the latest technology such as advanced smart-phones and tablets. It is also taking into account all the different cloud computing. Further, the Enterprise Application Store helps a lot of companies to corporate security policies that are followed at all times at the time of giving employees a good user experience.

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With increasing the demand for enterprise app stores, all the bigger companies that have an in-house mobile development team prefer to develop their own enterprise app stores in order to exert more control and make sure to overall security in the workplace.

Difference Between Enterprise App Stores and Consumer App Stores

When it comes to consumer app stores, they try to attempt maximum amount of users to purchase their applications while enterprise app stores try to limit the purchase and utilization of apps. Both app stores have a lot of difference, but each has its own features and benefits to offer. Let’s consider some differences

  • Mainly, the enterprise app store aims to decrease the costs of licensing applications in order to allow its employees maximum access to the application that he/she deserves in the office.
  • Consumer app stores are mainly designed to get maximum users to purchase as many applications as possible unlike enterprise app stores.
  • The security team of enterprise is frequently monitoring and reviewing the application purchases as well as downloads of its employees in order to make sure utmost devotion to licenses and user rights.
  • We all know that purchases and download from enterprise app stores are reviewed by security teams and application owners no matter manually or automatically, but consumer app stores are managed by consumers by their own.
  • It is essential for companies to keep the record of their application license agreements and renewals because ignoring this feature may force the company to face a high amount of penalties that generally show-up in software audits.

Benefits of Enterprise App Stores

One of the major benefits of using EAS is quite same as a public app store like Apple’s app store. It is one such place where the employees of the company can go without any hassle and get the latest applications that they are looking for.

Moreover, this application offers an excellent way for all the IT to gain control over applications. This store can also contain a set of externally licensed apps and those applications that are developed exclusively by and for the company use. By generating some internal policies as well as licensing procedures for these applications, organizations can indicate the utilization of these applications.

In short, we can say that EAS is beneficial for both organizations as well as consumers because they can also enjoy a consumer-style app store and get a wonderful experience. However, they can get sure about the security and quality of these apps.

Whereas the users are allowed to download all the applications as per their requirements as like mobile app store and they can ensure that they are not breaching any security policy of the office at the time of downloading and using these apps.

Some Major Reasons to Use Enterprise App Stores

These days, the importance of EAS is increasing as every organization is looking forward to this store to use to provide their employees a greater access to the application.

Enterprise application stores are one type of directories of the productivity and industrial-scale apps like customer list managers, purchase order generators and more. If you are thinking that why your organization should use EAS, here are some reasons of it:

Decrease Risk

By using EAS for your organization, there will be less amount of risk that someone acquiring incompatible software that can break the process.

Boosted Control on Apps Usage

Through Enterprise App store, one can have a central repository that delivers quality and well-served applications and services.

Reducing Expenses of Administration

There will be minimum need of IT experts, who will run across the enterprise to keep things up to date as everything will be in one place.

Better Control on Employees

If the enterprise has its own EAS, it is better for the company as it can direct employees to get all their applications from the EAS. It is very much important when considers from security point of view and it also ensure employees of the company stay acquiescent with any rules or regulations.

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So, these are some of the reasons of using Enterprise app stores. It can deliver your business many more benefits that I have not mentioned to cover all the information. If you are get professional assistant to develop application for your enterprise, you can visit here.

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