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Top 10 Web Design Trends that Boom in 2015- 2016

We have seen increase in the popularity of web designing activities and various things related to designing task are being published.
It is expected that the best in designing part is yet to come in 2015-2016, including some trends that we have predicted for 2015.
There are many different trends that will still be around in 2015; however, we are here to see what other designing trends are likely emerge in 2016.

Focus on typography

Google Fonts
We will see a list of different typography in 2016. All thanks to Google Fonts that offers developers and designers more fonts type of users other than Arial and *shudder* Comic Sans for compatibility.
It is compulsory for designers to choose a perfect font with its size and weighting in the most nearest terms. Such thing happens for the betterment of websites, however it becomes permanent for the website.
No doubt, it is minor thing but makes huge impact on the vision of the website. There are some sites that become more attractive and favorite among people due to typography.

Card-based design

Card-based design
It is mandatory to fit your content on different type of screen’s size and types. And cards are one of the best and easiest ways to make that work across platforms. Such things can be added in this design to make cards more attractive.

Almost-Flat Design

Flat Design
There was the flat design before designers adopted the Almost-flat or semi-flat web design. This idea, we get from a look stripped of all fluff and frills using simple shapes and typography with bold color.
Windows 8 interface is an example of flat design. It doesn’t seem to be best, but also not so poor. Moreover, there are some elements that provide in-depth and dimension for balancing the flatness of the other elements. Gmail is the best example of almost-flat design.

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Big Photographic Elements

photo website
Presently, the use of big photographic elements is increasing and thus, many designers are using content and images that shows website’s journey from starting point to the end. It proves to be advantageous for conversion rates.
Moreover, one can also get a perfect texture with overlaying large picture elements with UI elements and text to make it more interesting. These things become more effective with the proliferation of devices having high-resolution displays.
Many different portfolio sites are taking benefits of photographic elements, however, retail sites have to use it in the smartest manners. One of the best ways to use photographic elements is by using high-resolution images of some fabulous shots that shows story regarding your brand interestingly.

Decrease In Page Height

Here, you find more hope than a forecast. Such trend of more vertical scrolling and less clicking will continue to be popular among designers. I personally believe that such experience is worthless.
Using scrolling in the small part of content or trigger animations look better, however, it doesn’t look better to implement in an entire website.
It wouldn’t be bad to click to trigger a drill down into the site to consider their content and the goals of the interaction a little more. It doesn’t mean having a jarring page being refreshed as long as it is connected with modern front-end programming and micro experiences.

Storytelling and interaction

Not only amazing content is important for website but also it should be represented as storyteller. 2016 is likely going to focus on story to tell users. If you are adding some kind of animation to interact in website design then that can increase wow factor in your website.

Use of high-resolution moving images

High Resolution
Are you getting confused between choosing a photo or a video for your site? Instead of choosing photos or videos, if you’re undecided on whether to use a photo or a video for your site, consider a cinemagraph it is better to decorate your website with.
With cinemagraph, you can simply live your site’s background that entertains your users about more than 15% then usual. Cinemagraphs can be developed by your own with software like Photoshop. Even, hiring a professional also helps to develop best cinemagraph for your website.


Responsive websites are such that they can be fit in every screen type, no matter what types of devices are. Previously, sometimes design would be separated from the brand for mobile users and desktop users.
Having many different types of devices, it is difficult for designers to design site according to varying screen sizes. Additionally, search engine like Google only prefers to have one URL for one site.
Those website owners, who are not using responsive design, have to run separate SEO campaigns for every URL.

Fix width centered site layout

The “banding” or width: 100 percent design element have been used by many websites over the last few years and thus, many important things like sections and images are stretched to the full width of a browser’s viewport.
There were many websites that used fix-width before this trend and centered it in the webpage. One can easily tell where the website ended. Now, people will find the fix-width trend in the more modern way. Such thing will go all the way of either side rather than content and sites sections. Moreover, there are some websites that choose a max-width for keeping content in the center of the viewpoint.

Personalized User Experiences

Over the year, website cookies have not been new for users, however, they have developed now. Presently, designers are using such things to pop-up work more effectively, to customize the overall user experience and personalized advertisement expenses.
Especially, online retailers are taking advantage of well positioning. Suppose, one can have website that sells promotional gifts and their customers are office managers or business owners, who are purchasing gifts for their clients or employees. Now, it is not compulsory that they made purchase when they first time visited your website. One can ensure to take right backup by taking advantage of personalized user experience design.
Do you have any idea what web designing trends rule the market in 2015-2016? Let’s discuss through comments below.
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