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2015’s Top Technology Trends That Are Important to Consider


A study has been presented by Ericsson ConsumerLab on the significant technology trends for 2015. The study mainly focuses on the conduct of smart-phones owners, who aged 15-69 from across the world.

The data also indicates the views of 85 million active Internet users. These are such trends that are very much important to consider for all those people, who are concerned with application development.

You’re not only needed to be informed about current consumer demands and expectations, but you need to try to think ahead of them. You can find some of the technology trends that are completely best:

The Incensed Future


It has been found that more and more viewers are shifting towards simple and on-demand services, enabling cross-platform access to video content in an Ericsson ConsumerLab survey of 23 countries.

No matter whether you are watching your favorite show in the US, China or Spain, the future is streaming. In the year 2014, we have seen the popularity of streaming overhaul broadcast TV among all those people who aged 16 to 45 with 80% in this age group watching streamed video a lot of times in a single week or more.

Approximately 77% of the total sample population is watching broadcast content as compare to 75%, who favored streaming services, but it has been set to change while 2015. This year will be considered as historical as we are capable of watching streamed content frequently than broadcast TV.

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Smart Homes


A lot of consumers show a sturdy interest in having their homes help them. ConsumerLab also surveyed that 55% of the smart-phone owners are interested in water sensors that will warn you whenever any danger of flooding because of rain, a leaking water pipe, a malfunctioning washing machine and more.

Half of the surveyed people are also looking forward to remotely checking their refrigerator’s temperature. Moreover, consumers also wanted to make their homes aware when family members come and go.

More than 48% of the smartphone owners were also interested in a bathroom mirror, which shows data about how well they have slept and shows a calendar, reminders and news. 47% also like their toothbrush so that they can give advice on how to brush well.

Clever Citizens


Today, there are 76% of smart-phone owners, who want traffic maps for streets, public areas and sidewalks so that they can report on how crowded the area is.

You know that 70% of people wanted to compare their daily household use of electricity, water with their neighbors and gas. 66% people say that having such a smartphone that can check the quality of water of public facilities and can compare it with same facility that is nearby will be extremely useful.

Now, 70% of people are thinking that these concepts will be thought by 2020. Grdaully, we all are becoming smart and clever citizens. Exceptional practices and effective smarter social rules re developing in our cities via changing behaviors of, we people.

The Digital Wallet


Ericsson ConsumerLab surveyed that approximately 48% people would like to opt for using their phone to pay goods and services while a third believe that smart-phones must regenerate cash. By making purchases, we can change a lot than the transaction of money.

By collecting loyalty cards, receipts, discount coupons, scribbled notes, our wallets are brimming over – however, all of these will remain as a part of the shopping experience. While 80% of consumers are trusting their smart-phones will become a replacement for their wallet of purse by 2020.

Therefore, it is must to think broader as compare to mobile payments. It is already noticed that 55% of consumers would also like their smartphones to save their receipts with 72% are looking forward to having the capability of disabling payment functionality remotely.

Discussing or Sharing Mind

Mind Sharing

Today, a lot of consumers have grasped a constant increasing range of communications options. However, there are lots of new ways of communications that will continue to appear, providing people different ways to stay in touch with friends and family.

Apart from this, more than a third of consumers have an interest in making use of smart watch, which will convey touch gestures or their pulse to other interestingly. Moreover, 40% of smartphone users also like to make use wearable devices in order to communicate with others.

And over two-third believe this form of communication will be commonplace by 2020.

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The Sharing Economy


According to an Ericsson ConsumerLab survey, we all have noticed that many three-quarters of smart-phone owners are very much interested in a sharing economy. It was also found that over half of smartphone owners are ready for renting other people’s leisure equipment, household appliances and rooms.

Allowing other people to make use of our things when do not want to use can save resources; however, consumers are encouraged by the convenience of not having to own. It also looks like that saving money is highly essential thing by sharing than making money from the process.

Above mentioned top technology trends for 2015 can bring a lot of change in the world and take a whole technology industry to new heights. If you are also looking forward to getting an assistance from tech professionals, you can get in touch with us!

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