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10 Effective Tools That Can Help You Out in Growing Your App Business

Effective Tools

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Here, I have mentioned some tools that let you expand your application business by leaps and bounds. These days, it is essential to make such things that people are looking for as this is what that Paul Grahan or Y-Combinator explains growth the hacking.
However, Brian Halligan (@bhalligan) of Hubspot explains that to be successful and businessmen, it is must to match the way you market your products with the way your prospects learn about and shop for your products.
Recently, the much talked termed is growth hacking that foully misunderstood and misrepresented by various people. Moreover, growth hacking can be advertised as a subset of marketing, which mainly focuses on attaining business growth.
However, you should also know that growth alone doesn’t come from marketing, but by learning from your own mistakes, product iteration, testing on what works, studying and researching conversion metrics, instinctive product design and more.
Without discussing more, let’s have a give a quick look on such tools deep look on these tools that can help app entrepreneurs to build an excellent application:


Taplytics is the best A/B testing tool that is obtainable for free trial as well. Currently, it is the only A/B testing platform, which delivers a complete suite of tools, which is obtainable to drive revenue.
It allows your whole team to find insights, which make your application more profitable. Moreover, this tool also allows you to test different experienced and instantly push out fixes that based on your findings. Fixes can range from visual bugs and typos to colors for call-to-actions.
The best thing about this tool is that it goes extra mile to get you A/B testing. Further, it also delivers growth and optimization consultation to help you out in planning and executing experiments. Providing you direct access to A/B testing expertise.

POP is well-known tool that instantly launches a web presence or a micro-site for your mobile application. This is one such tool that provides a domain name, an email address, a starter page where one can connect their social media accounts, customize the template and capture emails. While using this high-end tool, no technical skills and expertise required
Your POP account comes complete with an email, custom domain and webpage. Moreover, users will get 14-day free trial and plans starts at a $5 a month. So, what are you waiting for? Just go through this high-end tool.


Intercom is obtainable for 30-day free trial, and its plans start at $49 a month. This tool is a great that shows you that which of your users are using your product in real time, along with their activity.
This tool also enables you to reach out to your power users or others based on filters through in-app messaging and email. It considers as a great tool to engage and retain customers. So, if you wanted to know that which of your users are using your product, this is the right tool for you.


Mailchimp is one of the most popular marketing tools, which is free up to 12000 emails to 2000 subscribers/month. This is one such tool that allows you to send targeted emails based on segmented lists. However, you can also set-up automated emailers for new sign-ups.
Using this excellent tool is not difficult as more than 7 million people worldwide using MailChimp to design and send 500+ million emails every single day.


Sensor Tower
SensorTower is a feature-rich tool that can be used for complete app store optimization. Obtainable for 14-day free trial, the plans start at $79 a month, so users can get to know this tool by trying it for free of cost. This tool is well-known for discovering the most important keywords that can impact organic downloads for your application.
Users can also benefit by tracking daily ranking of their keywords and that of your competitors. Importantly, you can get a complete app-intelligence platform for ASO. Currently, more than 35000 companies worldwide are using this excellent tool for app store optimization.


Crittercism is an excellent tool that gives real-time, actionable crash reports for your mobile application. You can know that where users are facing a problem in your application and ensure that you retain and engage them to provide an excellent user experience.
The tool is obtainable for free for up to 30,000 monthly active users, so what you waiting for? Just make use of this tool.

Foster is one such tool that helps your business to nurture leads and boost sales by sharing content that your audience loves to read on social media. The tool is available for free 14-day free trial, and its monthly plan starts at $19.99.
We all know that finding relevant content to share with your followers in social media marketing is quite difficult, but this tool makes it easy for you to discover content that enables you to share live or schedule updates for up to a week.


Obtainable for 30-day free trial, Helpshift is the only tool that helps you out in integrating a customer-service module into your application so that you can easily resolve problems as they happen.
Many of you all may look for a way to develop a loyal following for your app, so offering brilliant customer service is the only way. All the app users are not forgiving and deleting the application or never go back to it if unsatisfied.


Now, you can start listening to what’s being said on the web and social web as Mention is the best tool that is obtainable for 14-day free trial. The plan of this tool starts at about $29 a month.
You can react instantly, collaborate and analyze your online presence as people are talking about their application on social media or blogs, so you can know that what’s being said to be able to interact and engage with them. With this tool, you can never miss a single thing online.


Keyword Research
When it comes to Keywordtool, this tool helps you out in searching the keywords that people are trying into the application store search box. Using this tool, you can get over more than 1000 keywords for app store optimization for free of cost.
With the help of this high-end tool, you can find apps, topics, and keywords that different people are looking forward at app store, so begin using this tool and get huge help.
So, these are the 10 highly effective tools that you can use to grow your application business worldwide and get various other benefits as well.
Keep visiting our blog for more information on top tools and application solutions as here we cover top tools and app solutions that help you out in expanding your business. For more info about web app development you can Contact us Here!

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