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10 Features That Every eCommerce Product Page Should Have

ecommerce product page

We all know that there are various types of e-Commerce retailers, who have different types of e-stores like clothes, shoes, accessories, equipments and more. Each of these types of ecommerce website needs different features to add in its product pages.
The features that are required to add in product pages are vary according to the kind of ecommerce business, but there are some things that are important for any type of online retailer.
There are many new ecommerce merchants, who are not well aware with the features that are essential for any product page, so I have listed 10 features that every ecommerce product page should have as their customers are looking for such ecommerce product pages that have these below mentioned advanced features to enhance their shopping experience.
So, give a glance on these features that are must for any product page:
1) Qualitative Images:
When it comes to talk about the one of the main features of ecommerce product page, using qualitative images is one such feature that every ecommerce product page should have.
We all know that the visual process of shopping is the most crucial, so investing in quality images of your own products is a great option for you if you want to provide your customers a user-friendly experience. You can also provide your best impression of the product by using high quality images.
2) Zoom Feature:
Along with using qualitative images, you should provide zoom feature on product image as it becomes increasingly popular on various ecommerce website. Through zoom feature, your customers can get better and bigger view of your products that can help them in their shopping.
3) Add to Cart Button:
To make your customers’ shopping hassle-free, you can add “add to cart button” on the product page. Make sure to make it clear and unique from other elements on the page so that your customers find it easily.
4) Reviews of Your Consumers:
You know shoppers wanted to know what others people are thinking about your product. If you provide some reviews of your consumers on your product page, you are helping your shoppers to make their decision about your product.
We all know that not all of your products have positive reviews, but you need to provide all the reviews to your shoppers as both positive and negative reviews make shopping experience authentic for them.
5) Mention Price Clearly:
Whenever any shopper make purchasing, he/she looks for the price of the product, so ecommerce merchants need to mention price of the products clearly so that shoppers find it easily. Clear view of price makes it easy for your shoppers to decide that whether this product is in their budget or not.
6) Shipping Information (Price, time period of shipment of the product and so on):
We can say that it is the key feature that you need to add in your product page as it provides complete information about the shipment of the product. Shipping information provides end-to-end details like items delivery within a particular time, cost of the shipment and more.
7) Payment Methods:
After purchasing products, customers look for payment methods that are obtainable on your ecommerce website. Payment methods can affect a decision of your customers. So, it is necessary that you mention payment methods by describing complete information about your methods.
For an example: you would find many ecommerce websites that are using logos of the payment modes that can give clear view to your customers.
8) Comparison of Products:
You know that you can enhance a shopping experience and boost sales of your business by providing opting for product comparisons. Through product comparison feature, your customers can easily compare the features side-by-side without flipping through many pages. There are lots of ecommerce websites that started adopting this feature into their product page.
9) Videos of Your Products:
Sometimes, it is also best for you to keep some videos of your products on the product page. No matter what kind of ecommerce business you run, you can keep some beautiful and mind-catching videos that can help you to sell your products.
10) Live Chat:
Last, but not least is ‘Live chat’ that also plays a biggest role to offer better customer service. You should add this feature on your ecommerce product page so that your shoppers can easily get solutions to their queries if they have any related to your products.
11) Bonus One – Share Buttons:
Social sharing buttons are excellent marketing tools that you can add on your product page. Through these buttons, you can allow your users to share your product with their friends, family members and dear ones.
They can also post your product on their social networking wall and show their friends what they have purchased. Make sure you use individual sharing buttons like Facebook button, Twitter button, Google+1 button, etc.
Above mentioned are some of the essential features that are must for ecommerce product pages. By providing these features, ecommerce merchants can provide their customers a wonderful shopping experience and boost their sales. To get more information on ecommerce and its solutions, you can click here.

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