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10 Tweaks to Use Pinterest for eCommerce Business

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interest, the most popular social media picture sharing site, becomes the top choice of online businesses to drive traffic at their ecommerce shop.
When it comes to social media, many online merchants prefer Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. to share their post and promote business. While it may be daunting take another social networking site, Pinterest for ecommerce business to sell products/service.
Here are some tweaks that online merchants adopt to grow their business in terms of visitors and sales.

Create Your Business Account

Once you have developed your ecommerce website, it is advisable to set your Pinterest business account, using accurate business information.
One can create their profile in two different ways, i.e. by completing a form that includes information about your business or verifying your website to prove Pinterest users that you are a trustworthy source. Once you verified your account, you can have more potential customers.

Add Eye-catching Profile Image

Having clear profile images like your business logo helps visitors to identify your brand and business. It is have to have profile images that scaled to 160×165 pixels. To enhance profile impression, write description of your eCommerce business to grab attention of Pinterest users.

Get Personal

Pinterest is one of the most personal social networking sites, so it is must to share some detailed information like poster’s name, job title and other things. Moreover, the company is related to just you than tell your people about yourself.

Display What Inspires You

It is recommended to display things that inspire you rather than to showcase your products by setting up boards for the people, ideas, places, and moods behind your brand.

Add Product Pins

A new type of product-related pin is created by Pinterest, which is better known as “Rich Pins”. This includes product’s details like availability, pricing, where to buy, etc. Real-time pricing and availability are also included in Product pins. Other than this, some remarkable advantages like automatically updated details, category feed, etc. are added.

Say Story in Simple Way

While using this remarkable social networking site, it is must to display a simple story with meaningful words on your board. It is must to have every theme and titled correctly placed on your boards. Most importantly, you keep your board simple to avoid confusion of your followers.

Must Have URLs

Having a URL linking back to that specific product on a website is must for every product. So, users can able to purchase product easily. There are many online stores that add single photo of theirs including a URL.

Use Pinterest Analytics

Using Pinterest Analytics, online merchant simply see popular pins and those pins that drives more traffic. Users can also able to see what boards your content appears on, how pins described and many other things that helps to make an appropriate decision about your pinning strategy, product development, etc.

Exclusive Discounts Are Must

Offering an exclusive discount or coupon codes for your Pinterest followers make them special. Online merchant can share their discount on the site as a QR code or printable voucher.
One of the best things about iPhone users are they can enjoy added benefits for being able to grab coupon into store by using photos. Offering discount deals on weekly or regular basis ensure that your followers are tracking your store and coming back to your boards.

Share your Pinterest Account with Others

It is advisable to add Pin it buttons or widgets to your website to make your content more discoverable. Moreover, you can also have option of promoting pinning on social networks and in email newsletters.

Closing Thoughts:

Pinterest is the latest social media sources to promote products/services online. Above given 10 tweaks helps novice online merchant to promote their ecommerce site on Pinterest. If you want to know more effective tips for your ecommerce business, Contact US.

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