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23 Killer eStore Conversion Optimization Guidelines of 2016 (Part – 1)

eStore Conversion Optimization Guideline
It is expected that 2014 will be a challenging year for both B2B as well as B2C sectors. 2014’s some of the trends will extend their lead, and many new trends are going to take place this year. Gradually, more and more businessmen are getting into e-commerce business because of its plenty of benefits such as increasing sales, boost brand awareness, increase in profit and many more.
However, running an e-commerce store is not as easy as it sounds because the competition in the market is constantly increasing, and everyone is trying to beat each other. Some of the e-commerce retailers are trying to optimize the conversion rates of their e-store and some are trying to make their brand more popular on the web.
In 2014, optimizing conversion of your e-store becomes quite difficult as the competition in the market is augmenting constantly, and all the retailers want to get maximum number of benefits. For you, it is most important that you have a good e-commerce site so that you can convert your visitors into customers.
Today, there are more than 45% of e-commerce store owners, who are failed to optimize the conversion rates of their stores, so here I have listed 23 killer eStore Conversion Optimization Strategies of 2014 that help them to optimize conversion of their e-store.

1st Guideline: Try to Make Navigation As Simple As Possible

If you are running an e-commerce store and want to optimize conversion rate of your store, you need to make sure to make navigation of your as simple as possible because all the shoppers are always in search of site that has easy and understandable e-commerce navigation.
With simple navigation, your visitors can reach their objective page without any hassle. Make sure that you allowed to move very smoothly in your site as it make them happy and they can end-up purchasing any product from your site.
Good yet easy navigation not only help your visitors to browse your services and products conveniently, but also make them feel comfortable and find such products that they are looking for.

2nd Guideline: Make use of Clean Design That Mainly Focus on Your Products

When any visitor visits your online store, he/she expects to find neat and clean design site so that they can find it clearly what they want.
If you design your e-commerce site with hard and inflexible design, it can make your visitors irritable and they can leave your store, so try to design your store cleanly and professionally as it helps your visitors to see your products without any difficulty.
You also need to remember that a busy and cluttered design can distract shoppers or visitors of your site from what they want and what they wanted to purchase. Below, you can find an example of clean and neat design e-commerce site that gives clear view of products:
Clean Design

3rd Guideline: Use of High-Resolution Images

We all know that images of your products are the most important visual element of your e-commerce site, so it is highly significant for you to use high-resolution product images on your site so that your visitors, customers and all shoppers get clear cut view of your product.
High-resolution images can showcase your products in the best possible manner, so remember to use zoom lens and click from varied angles in order to get excellent image displays of your product.
As it can also help you to go a long way in converting your visitors, so make sure to use high-resolution images that give best look of your products.

4th Guideline: Make it Simple to Call You

To aid boost your credibility with shoppers, you should make it simple to call you and it is easily possible to display your phone number prominently on every page, remember that you prefer right in the site header.
As it can allow your customers to contact you easily and help them to know that you are not a fly-by-night operation. By giving your contact number on every page possible, you can help them to buy from your site with confidence. However, it also make sure them that if there any problem or query, they can call you instantly.
Here, you can find some e-commerce stores that have mentioned their contact number on the right side of the page:
heighlight number

5th Guideline: Provide Your Customers with Appealing & Detailed Product Info

You also need to provide your customers with appealing and detailed product information as it is a great conversion trigger that is highly popular in the market. Remember that your product copy must be appealing, interested and engaging so that your customers find it what they are looking for.
With detailed product information, your customers can easily familiar with your products and its features and make their decision about purchasing. So, always try to go with detailed and appealing product information.

6th Guideline: Provide Product Videos

Providing product videos on your website is completely great as videos are like touching products. Apart from this, you can provide complete information about the products like its benefits, features and more to your visitors in a direct and simple way through videos.
Product videos are considered one of the great marketing techniques, which help e-commerce retailers to boost conversions, so they need to provide product videos that will provide direct marketing.

7th Guideline: Video Sitemap

It is also best for you to add a video sitemap on your website as it plays a very significant role in generating traffic through universal search as videos are posted within your website and can enhance its own search rankings for highly competitive keywords.
Moreover, sitemaps can also prove to be very useful to determine how website is indexed. If you implement it wisely, you can surely leverage more out it and boost conversion rate of your e-commerce site.

8thGuideline: Remember to Make Your Shopping Cart Perceptible All The Time

It does not matter what type of e-commerce website you are running, but you should ensure that your customers get constant access to their shopping carts. Remember to place shopping cart at the right hand side of the customers’ screen.
Shoppers always search for those items that they wanted to purchase, so you should provide constant access to carts all the time. If your shopping cart visible all the time, it becomes easy for your customers to add products.

9th Guideline: Show Special Discounts Clearly

If you are providing any discounts and offers on your products, you can show them on your website very clearly so that your customers come to know about it very easily.
Information about offerings and discount must be clearly seen on your site as it can also enhance your conversion rates. So, you need to ensure that your mentioned offerings and discounts caught the attention of your customers very immediately.
Highlight Discounts

10th Guideline: Clear View of Contact Information

Now, you can easily make your e-commerce site conversion-friendly as you just need to include things like contact information on it. We all know that trust is one of the most important parts of an online shopping and this information is very much important.
There are many customers, who trust your website and purchase from your site. You can win their trust by providing all your contact information as it plays a very vital role in making your e-commerce business successful on the web.

11th Guideline: Clear View of Prices & Shipping

If you think like a shopper, you will surely hate unexpected surprises like high prices, shipping costs and other hidden charges. Nobody likes to deceive by prices or shipping costs. So, it is essential that you try to mention the price of products and shipping charges as clearly as possible so that your customers will not feel deceive.
Today, it is come to know that more than 44% of carts are abandoned due to high shipping costs; however, same study also showed that approximately 25% were abandoned because the price of the product is high than expected.
And 22% are abandoning because the shipping charges are listed too late in the process of purchasing products. So, if you are providing free shipping or charging affordable cost, but you need to mention it clearly so that your customers find it easily and not abandon your cart. Below given image can give you clear view of price and shipping cost:
shipping and price

12th Guideline: Provide Different Payment Options

With increasing credit card scam, more and more shoppers avoid to share details of their credit cards on your e-commerce site. If you ask them to lots of information about their credit cards, they will leave it before purchasing any kind of product.
So, it is better for you to provide different payment options on your site as it can help your customers to choose any option as per their choice.
In the below image, you can see that e-commerce site has provided different payment options on his site that is one of the best options to boost conversion rates of your site:
Different Payment Options
Above mentioned 12 killer eStore conversion optimization Guidelines of 2014 can help you to boost conversion rates and build strong e-commerce website without any hassle.
Following these Guidelines is not a big deal for any e-commerce site, one can try-out these guidelines to increase conversion rate and get numerous benefits. If you are looking for the remaining 11 Guidelines, you need to click here: 23 Killer eStore Conversion Optimization Guidelines of 2016 (Part – 2)

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