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4 Warning Signs of Weakening to Put Your Customers First

Put Your Customers First

In the daily hectic of running your business, you may forget to focus on your customers, so it is extremely important for you to get it back, but how? You need to build your business and found huge success and have to focus on how well you serve your customers.
According to Joseph Callaway, a co-author with his wide JoAnn of the best-selling book “Clients First”, there are lots of business owners and managers, who let their concentration drift away from customers. The Callaways that also named as “Those Callaways” have sold approximately $1 billion in real estate, and he said that they attended this success by keeping their customers at front no matter how difficult it is.
If you are facing any of the below mentioned sings, it’s time to focus on put your customers first so that they feel special and stayed your customers for long-term. Let’s have a look on five warning signs of weakening to put your customers first:

First : You are letting the small things slip

As we all know that all the business owners are never neglecting big things from their mind. For instance, you will never allow your accountancy office’s college intern to prepare a client’s taxes. However, you will never give your attention to things that you are considering smaller.
Many times, we are neglecting some small things like spell-check an email, rushing through paperwork and more. So, these are some things that differentiate “good” from “great”. If all of these things are impacting on your customers’ satisfaction, happiness, comfort level then it is not a little thing.
If you are failing to serve your customers little things, it means you fail to put your customers first. With small things like promises kept, meeting deadlines, offering extra support can make your customers happier.

Second : You stuck with one philosophy that customer is always right

Generally, most of the businesses stuck with the one philosophy that customer is always right, but they are not. Whenever you notice that customer acting against his or her own interests, you may say something.
According to Callaway “If you’re operating a sporting goods store and a man comes in and says, ‘I want this lure,’ and you ask where he’ll be fishing and he tells you and you know those lures won’t work well there, you better tell him. Because if he goes fishing using those lures and doesn’t catch anything, the chances he’ll come back to your store are slim.”

Third : You do not fix it, if it is not broke

Callaway says, “Following this bit of conventional wisdom can destroy your forward momentum”. He also says “You won’t innovate”. He advises to all the business owners to be careful to do things better. He says, “If you take the position that if it’s not broke you won’t fix it, your business will stagnate and your competitors will blow past you.”
It doesn’t mean that you always spend your spare time in taking class and attending conferences, but you need to make it a priority in order to stay familiar with the way your whole industry is expanding and changing.
It is essential for you to offer your customers such as quality service and value that they are looking for. Ensure that you don’t go with only one aim of satisfying your customers, but ensure that you make them feel pleasant every time when you serve them.

Fourth : You are shunning problem customers

Callaway says “Not everyone is wonderful.” He also says there are lots customers, who are mainly challenging and a few are what we call evil people. He shares that his business has seen about half a dozen of those in 15 years, and still works with them whenever they call.
There are lots of business professionals, who recommend ditching bad customers so that you can focus on the better customers – the ones who help you to make your business a more successful.
Callaway powerfully disagrees. “I think that’s the road to the poorhouse,” he says. “You have to serve every client.” You never know when a good customer will become a bad one or vice versa, he adds.”It’s not our job to fire customers, it’s their job to fire us if we don’t do things right.”
He also says that you need to handle with the difficult customers in order to bring big rewards. Frequently, they will identify that you have spent your extra time and efforts to help them out from their problems. They will surely appreciate for it and give powerful recommendation.
So, these are 4 warning signs that you are failing to put your customers first, therefore make sure to reorient with these signs and make your business more successful.  If you are looking forward for getting more information on e-commerce and to build an e-commerce website, you can click here.

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