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5 Big Problems Must be Fixed in 2016 by Retailers to Increase eCommerce Sales

ecommerce problems in 2016
Nowadays, consumers are becoming more comfortable to shop from internet rather than to visit physical store as they are finding lots of choices. Less traffic, huge discounts, holidays offers all were there, but still 2013 was a disappointing year for retailers due to many things.
With the beginning of 2016, online merchants are looking forwards for some major changes that increase eCommerce sales in this year. So, let’s start with some problems that should be fixed in 2016 to increase revenue.

Tedious Physical Store Experiences

In 2013, eCommerce was one of the most buzzed-about trends and thus, eCommerce sales go higher than the physical store. Regardless of this huge growth, about three-quarters of retail transactions are made at brick-and-mortar locations. However, sometimes in-store experience becomes weaker to make a transaction through less connection with shoppers and brands.

Shopping through Smart Devices aren’t Enjoyable

We all know that last year eCommerce made important steps to make its site mobile-friendly, but it fails at some extents. No doubt, smartphones are one of the remarkable devices to explore products, but it doesn’t work for retailers to increase sales. Thus, some retailers are exploring latest ways to use mobile device to convert sales.
Moreover, some retailers are also exploring mobile applications as it tracks customers when they are shopping, sending personalized offers when they reached at checkout section. Moreover, they are also providing recommended products on the basis of past purchases.

Less Privacy In Return For Deals

It is fact that all kinds of privacy questions are raised by high-tech sales and personalized recommendations and coupons through smart devices. Due to this, some retailers prefer to use coupons while some are not. While implementing a mobile strategy, it is must for retailers to respect shoppers’ boundaries. Sales will surely enhance, if you are transparent among your shoppers.

Huge Discount May Cause Big Loss

This holiday, giving huge discount creates a huge loss to the retailers as there is no much traffic at the store. This will result in minimum earning to the laundry list of retailers for last quarter of 2013. To deal with this situation, one must have to put innovate products among shopper or reveal new must-have apparel items.

Failed Retail Basics

Some experts say that 2016 is all about to implement basics of the industry like shoring up security, on-time deliver and so on. According to the people at NRF, data breaches directly impact on the store as well as on the industry as a whole and thus, Industry leaders must have to move from unencrypted magnetic stripe cards to the credit/ debit cards.
So, these are five burning problems that must be fixed in 2016 to get more sales and increase revenue. If you also have a better idea, then share through the comment section. For more details, click here.

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