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5 Most Common Facebook eCommerce Mistakes That You Must Avoid

Facebook eCommerce Mistakes

When it comes to e-commerce, Facebook is one of the most useful platforms that help e-commerce merchants to promote their products and services in order to boost sales as well as the profit of their business. However, there are lots of e-commerce merchants, who are still unaware of the benefits of this social network that they can enjoy to boost their business.
E-commerce businesses, who are already using Facebook for their e-commerce business, should avoid some common Facebook e-commerce mistakes that they made directly or indirectly. Recently, AP-CNBC has conducted a poll and more than 54% of participants of this poll said that they are not feeling safe using they are site to purchase goods or performing any financial transactions.
So, what are you thinking? Is this time to stop using Facebook for your e-commerce business? Well, no need to stop using Facebook for your e-commerce business just stop making most common mistakes that are mentioned below and learn how you can avoid those mistakes:

1) Having Tricky Procedure for Customers to Purchase:

For your customers, it is quite daunting task to transact directly on Facebook as they need to download shopping cart applications like payment that is connected to a credit card or PayPal account.
Apart from using Facebook store, try to serve a website that is one of the best means of converting potential customers. You can easily direct your fans on your interactive e-commerce website using a shopping cart. You would find numerous e-commerce firms like Volusion, a Texas-based company, starts at $19 per month. You can consider such firms avoid such kind of mistakes.

2) Posting Variably:

You know, Facebook’s inactive pages are extremely very common that is one of the worst parts. However, you need to avoid this with your page as you make sure that you last update of Facebook was posted no earlier than week.
Moreover, it is also essential to create new posts every once in a while. For effective e-commerce traffic, ensure that you post something interesting in two-three days.

3) Promoting Products to everyone:

As we all know that Facebook provides different ways to target particular users on the base of where they work, their likes and dislikes and their friends and more. There are lots of e-commerce businesses, who pare promoting their products to anyone and everyone which is easting of time as well as money.
Make sure to promote your products among those people, who are indirectly related to your products like they have interest or like it. One of the best ways is to keep things small by managing social information. However, you can also make use of advertising function in order to target maximum customers.
For an example: If you are selling fashionable clothes and accessories, target users, who say they like fashion clothes and accessories and also liked such pages.

4) Not Offering That Your Customer Want:

Using Facebook for your ecommerce promotions or sell is not bad at all, but make sure to use it wisely without making any mistake. Many e-commerce merchants made mistake by not providing accurate and perfect products to their customers as per their requirements.
It is very much important for all the e-commerce merchants to serve their customers exceptionally by providing them what they are looking for. You can provide them something that they can actually use and like.

5) Unaware About When Shopping Social & When is not:

Make sure that you maintain some kind of privacy by not sharing unwanted updates with your customers like from where they shopping and they are purchasing. Customers do not like to share always with other people and they can hold you responsible for it by not providing enough privacy.
Make sure that you do not make your customers’ shopping public. You can also provide such page that is set up for managing concerns, problems and queries of your customers.
So these are some of the most common Facebook e-commerce mistakes that every e-commerce merchant should avoid if they are looking to expand their brand worldwide by providing satisfied services to their customers. For any type of ecommerce solution, visit here

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