commas-leftJust to increase the number of downloads is not enough; one must have to drive ROI of mobile applications. Those people, who don’t have idea about how to increase ROI, can refer this post and know some effective strategies.commas-right

Gaining users in this competitive market is one of the biggest hurdles on the way to mobile app success. We want to increase the numbers of download, but what about after that? Developers are not developing applications for a set-it-and-forget it mentality, they needed to be customized, marketed and used to be successful.

Enhancing usage is must for gaining users and keep your application on the top. However, this is also not enough. Usage is must for realizing conversions and makes application more profitable that ensure of high rate of investment. Different tricks are there to increase app usage. In this post, we have highlighted 6 effective ways to engage your users and help you to drive ROI of mobile application.

Improve Ad Spend:
There are major applications that rely on ad campaigns for downloads, attracting users and create awareness. On other side, organic users are highly valuable. The more users you have, the more usage will be there, but one can only have to empty metrics such as downloads and identify how occupied those users are over time.

You can have option of using acquisition management for tracking the users from paid ads through different sources and decide the paid channels with excellent ROI so that concentrating on acquisition efforts becomes easy.

Instead of measuring from downloads per campaign, you can measure the lifetime value (LTV) of users from various sources. With LTV, you can get better sense about which campaign sources are worth investing for long-term.

You can also tie total revenue back to individual sources for calculating ROI of each channel. Different behavior attributes acquires segment for learning more about usage patterns by source.

Social Sharing is Must:
To attract more audience, you must tell your users to talk about your developed application on social networking sites and share great experience. Social sharing is excellent for media applications that rely on user interaction with content, subscriptions and reach.

The more content you are sharing, the more customers you will get. It would be great to have sharing button attached into your application so users can easily promote your content, products and pages.

In addition to, you can also create social presence with prompt mobile users that follow you with in-app messages. Even, you can also boost your social media marketing by inviting friends of followers.

Give Mobile-Only Rewards:
Users want to feel valued by the brands that they are purchasing. If you are offering customized offers, rewards programs, and mobile coupons specific to app users that simply means you are appreciating their loyalty.

You can offer such type of offers by in-app and push messaging and can be tested for content across various segments to see which are the most successful.

It is advisable to take a page from Starbucks and create a loyalty program that can be easily accessed through application and gives users store money, pay in-store, or retain credit. In case, users cross some level then give rewards with coins, bonus credit or other games.

Improve UI & Eliminate Blockage:
Developers are making 100% efforts to launch application successfully. No matter how carefully they are researching and making application, there is always need to improve some point. Users are inhibited by the natural bottlenecks that surface in the User Interface from fully experiencing your application and can lead to early delivers.

Taking help of the analytics, you should understand sticking points that allow creating a much more fluid, engaging process, boosting usage and key metrics such as session length and time in app, just like web designing.

It would be great to run an NPS survey to learn what users are finding frustrating about your developed application. Moreover, you can also compare session length before and after major changes or redesign.

Optimize App Funnels:
Funnels mean lead users to conversions and assign them the value of profit with their usage. Flow between screens, exits by screen, and a total occurrence of visits to screens that visualizes the typical visitor interactions is tracked by screen flow analytics in the mobile app.

One can use these two in tandem by scrutinizing the screen flow of your defined funnels in order to track users. With this, one can easily identify funnels that could use for improvement for better conversion. If you are optimizing to develop better funnels and stop drop offs then it will improve conversion rate and enhance usage over time.

In order to optimize app funnels, you can add some screens between steps improve usage and conversion rates, if it is needed. One can just have to recognize the drop point of users in certain funnels and then, implement in-app messages to remind them of unfinished actions.

Closing Thoughts:
These are some effective strategies that you must implement to increase ROI of your mobile application. If you have any doubt or want to discuss more about how to increase rate of investment, feel free to contact us through comment section.