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5 Fantastic Ways To Make Your Personal Brand in an Online Industry

Personal Brand
We all know that professional branding is extremely important for people, who wanted a job and build their career, but personal brand is equally important as it helps them to represent themselves in a professional world.
Many of you all may have spent your entire working career in order to build and protect your reputation. You may have also tried to be 100% honest with your suppliers and work hard to meet your customers’ expectations. However, with references, others can rave about you what a great person you are.
To build strong branding, you create a Facebook account that you can access from any mobile phone anywhere and anytime. You can easily share what’s on your mind, experiences, hang-outs with friends and a lot more things. In this world of easy publishing, you can easily distribute your message to the world and indirectly you are promoting your personal brand.
When it comes to talk about the big-company branding, it costs millions and take huge lots of hours of planning, so personal brand is the best option to broadcast to a global network at no cost. With just few clicks of mouse, you can build strong personal brand. Further, there are lots of opportunities for distribution and the content can be found tentatively.
Through different channels like LinkedIn, micro-blogs, texting, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and digital photography are different technologies that enable us to communicate in different ways unimaginable. Using mobile phone, we can immediately post and broadcast whenever something happens.
Not only particular persons, but all the people worldwide can publish information for global audience. If you are looking to manage your online reputation or want to have strong personal brand in an online world, there are lots of easy ways to do that. By following these simple ways, you can get huge help in limiting distribution of the wince-inducing comments and pictures. Below, you can find ways to build personal brand in an online industry:

Make Sure to Manage Your LinkedIn Account

These days, LinkedIn becomes a very important website to find business executives. At LinkedIn, users can easily set-up their account and manage it without any hassle. It is essential that you ensure to complete all the required fields and craft a well-written professional profile of yourself. Remember that you be honest about yourself because it is extremely easy to verify or refute any information that you have mentioned.

Create a G+ (Google+) Account

Creating a Google+ account is also important as you can allow Google to know about you and who you are by managing your own account. You can set up a Google profile over there and link to your site and social networks. While developing your G+ profile biography, ensure that you leverage the LinkedIn profile that you have written already.

Own Your Name Online

How many of all own your name online? Not many? If this is the situation then you are leaving online reputation in some else hands, who does. Suppose, your name is Charles Smith, so you own If no, it’s time to own your name by visiting or At these websites, you can search for your name and if it is obtainable, you can purchase it for a fee about $ 10 or 15 per year.

Creating a Twitter Account

Apart from above-mentioned things, you can also create a Twitter account and make sure to tweet regularly on it. Instead of sharing pictures where you traveled, you can share information that others might find valuable for them like educational articles or any other related to business. You can follow prestigious people over there and in return, you may also gain followers.

Influence Your LinkedIn Account

You are also allowed to set-up some other accounts that are similar to LinkedIn like Plaxo.xom,, and more. You just have to copy your LinkedIn profile into other accounts that you are creating. Make sure to change the information as per the website’s format and remember to change some sentences that will show up in Google results.
Above mentioned are different ways to build personal brand in an online industry as these things can help you to have a strong online brand so that everybody knows and what you do.
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Publish on Sep 24 2014