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5 Highly Impressive Ways Small eCommerce Merchants Can Give Tough Competition to Large Ones


In this highly cutthroat market, it is not easily possible for small eCommerce businesses to stud their legs in the market and give strong competition to big brands.

There are lots of big brands like Amazon who are doing well in the market; therefore, small retailers who are competing exclusively on price against large ones always lose.

You would find various small eCommerce retailers, who are trying extremely hard to stand out from big brands so that they can also expand their business worldwide and gain huge success.

So, if you are also a small eCommerce business and wanted to beat big brands like Amazon, you can follow these simple yet effective tactics that will do wonders for your business.

Let’s have a look on 5 Advance Tactics

Better Quality

Earlier, all the retailers were following this tactic to generate more and more revenue and when it comes to the company that followed this tactic, Costco is the best example as its brand is competing with everything sold in the stores.

So, small eCommerce retailers can also make use of this strategy to provide products, which are high quality than that is obtainable through large retailers.

In short, if you provide better quality products, it means a lot like best-quality material, more creative and less harmful to the environment.

To defend the increased price of the products, the better quality of products should also come with affordable price and unique features. Let’s have an example –

Caredom is a small retailer that is well-known for selling a range of pet care products. A retailer is using best material and technology in order to product best quality products for dogs and other pets.

Caredom is extremely popular because of its world-class products with the brand name of caredom. The company manufactures and formulates pet products considering your pet’s needs.

Giving Importance to Customer Service

As we all know that most of the businesses mainly focusing on delivering products to shoppers. Nevertheless, when it comes to small retailers to be successful and stand out from other brands, they need to go the extra mile.

It means they can give importance to self-service section and allows their customers to easily access customer service chat, phone, email and other options.

Moreover, they need to make sure that they provide value-added-services to their customers in order to help them out in finding the items that they are searching for. It is must that all these things designed in such scale so that shoppers do not feel ignorance from your side.

Boost Loyalty

It is must for small retailers to know their customers and work on developing relationships for a life time value from single one.

Small businesses can also use their customers’ rumor marketing and provide incentives. They can get huge help with personalized service and a compelling loyalty program.

When it comes to loyalty program, it can make use of pioneering features like hotel points to encourage participants to move to the high level, accepting points from other programs’ airline miles and more.

However, some other important innovative strategies include providing enticement based on the seasons. These are such tactics that are quite difficult for big brands to implement.

Social Media

If you have decided to give sturdy competition to big brands, and you do not have your fingers on the social medias, initially, you have to do it try to get going.

Social media is the major key for all the small businesses or eCommerce professionals as it is considered as a key to survive in today’s world.

Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and LinkdIn are some of the most popular social networking sites that should be on your list as social media as these are such networks, where millions of customers are awaiting.

However, it is also true that most of the people prefer to purchase from big brands, but these social media networks help you to put yourself in a place to section to the consumer that doesn’t big brands instead looking for the one that is trustworthy.

Quickness To Response

For all the small eCommerce retailers, it is important to be quick in order to adjust any kind of shopping experience that based on the feedback from its valuable shoppers.

Being a small retailer, it will be easy for you to instantly change the product variety on your website and optimize it based on customers’ input, historical tracking of what works, A/B testing and more.

Nimbleness can be an advantage for the small retailers, especially in the early stage of their business. Before signing a long-term contract with any supplier, small retailers should think about it as it may look attractive financially as well.

So, these are the five advance tactics through which small retailers can give tough competition to big and popular brands. Highly easy to follow and execute in the business, these tactics will surely work for small eCommerce businesses.

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